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Carolla and Ganz on the Phone

January 7, 2011

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Show Summary

Adam Carolla and the Professor Sandy Ganz are back on the phone for this episode. As always the ACE digs deep and tells the store of ‘Snake Oiler’ and how he got his name. Then onto the real star of the show, the Mercedes AMG SLS. We take a tour of the car and then Professor Ganz and Motorator Matt go out and give the car a quick test. We also introduce a new segment called “Test Drive Thru”, which you might be able to figure out. To wrap up this weeks episode a special video on The Ripper where we get the car fitted with some new Flowmaster Exhaust. Enjoy the show!

Special Thanks

The CarCast crew need to extend special thanks to Mercedes Benz for the (hard) use of the SLS for this episode. Also to Motorator Matt for making the connections and getting the car down here to the shop. And let’s not forget the folks at ContourHD cameras for all the in and out of car HD video cameras!

For The Ripper segment special thanks to Flowmaster (Cam) and Big John’s Automotive (Steve!) for his hard work getting the pipes and Hushpower mufflers tucked under the car.

Episode Links

Mercedes Benz AMG SLS Site

Big John’s Performance

Flowmaster Mufflers

ContourHD HD Video Camera Systems


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Episode Videos

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz get hooked up with a Mercedes AMG SLS. Then Professor Ganz and Motorator Matt do some road work with the car. The Mercedes AMG SLS is put though the paces in the CarCast first ‘Test Drive Thru’ segment. And for those curious, The letters “AMG” stand for Aufrecht, Melcher and Großaspach. Enjoy!

Mercedes Benz AMG SLS


CarCast “Test Drive Thru” Mercedes AMG SLS


The Ripper gets Flowmastered


The Ripper : Transmission Swap P2

November 1, 2010


Here is a bit of the work on the transmission crossmember. The plan was to reuse the stock mount and modify it to use the new GM style transmission mount that the Tex Racing box has. Engine and trans was stuffed into the car, then the mount was marked where things needed to be removed and extended. The entire assembly was about 3/4″ short from being a drop in with new holes. Oh well.

After marking the x-member, a dangerous air cutoff tool was summonsed to do the cutting. Left a nice clean edge. The emergency brake pivot point was also removed as it was too tall and in the way of the bottom of the transmission mount.

A small plate was made that extended the mount with some suitable bracing and it was all welded back together. The plasma cutter was used to make the nice slots after drilling a couple of starter holes.

Paint applied and all done… Well not quite. After a test fitment it was noticed that when the gearbox was in reverse the shift arm on the transmission was hitting the side of the mount, making it impossible to get it fully into reverse. A run in with the Acetylene torch created a nice pocket (dimple) and problem solved, except for the burnt up paint!

The Ripper Shift cover FAIL video


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The Ripper : Transmission Swap P1

May 7, 2010

This weeks simple project was to try to get the new transmission fitted into the car. The new gearbox is different then the Tremec TKO 5 speed that was in the car and also different then the original top loader that was in the car. The new Texas Transmission T101A is a heavy duty gearbox from some Nascar or related type of racing. It’s similar to a T10, but bigger in some dimensions. The first issue was to “get the shifter in the hole”. So the blown engine block was bolted to the Tilton bell housing and then transmission and dropped back in the car. Motorator Matt helps out the Professor in some minor hacking to the transmission tunnel. Against better judgment Ganz didn’t cut enough…

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Transmission Tunnel Video

Hollywood Hot Rods

March 19, 2010

Adam and Sandy head out to Hollywood Hot Rods and meet up with owner Troy Ladd. They check out some of his shop and his cars. We also take a look at a new project using the new Ford 5.0 Coyote motors. We pop back to work on The Ripper and do some cutting for the new radiator. Then a look at a ‘Back to the Future’ car from the TMPCC car show. Enjoy!

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Special thanks to ‘Motorator’ Matt for Pictures of Hollywood Hot Rods
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The Ripper Radiator Project

Hollywood Hot Rods

TMPCC Car Show

The Ripper : Radiator Project

March 19, 2010

Sandy and Matt get busy again. We start out with a quick post mortem on the engine and look at the block and a few of the mangled parts. Then we jump in with the air cutoff and chop a larger opening in the radiator support for the new Fluidyne radiator.

Audio for this is also in the Main CarCast ‘Hollywood Hot Rod’ Episode HERE

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Radiator Video

The Ripper Engine Removal

March 5, 2010

Adam and The Professor get going on yanking the motor out of the Ripper. The Ripper is Sandy’s 1965 Fastback Mustang road race car. We take a peek at the new engine and transmission and here the big plan. We also take some time off for phone calls and a restart of celebrity first cars by fittingly bringing back Christoph Waltz’s First Car to kick off the Oscar’s (He is a shoe in!)

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Quick Links

Adam’s Supercharged E46 M3
Christopher Waltz’s First Car

Check the link below for more of the project engine removal and the uncut webcam experiment of the engine remove, also many more picture and some preview of the exploded parts. Lastly, check out the home of The Ripper at www.gtsparkplugs.com

More of The Ripper Engine Removal Project

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The Ripper : Engine Removal Project

February 6, 2010

Sandy, Adam and others show up to remove the engine in ‘The Ripper’ This is part one of a mini-series where the CarCast team get the car ready for a yet unannounced track day. What can go wrong you say? Well watch and see!

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Video was LIVE Video Saturday Feb 6th at 1pm PST