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Carolla and Ganz on the Phone

January 7, 2011

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Show Summary

Adam Carolla and the Professor Sandy Ganz are back on the phone for this episode. As always the ACE digs deep and tells the store of ‘Snake Oiler’ and how he got his name. Then onto the real star of the show, the Mercedes AMG SLS. We take a tour of the car and then Professor Ganz and Motorator Matt go out and give the car a quick test. We also introduce a new segment called “Test Drive Thru”, which you might be able to figure out. To wrap up this weeks episode a special video on The Ripper where we get the car fitted with some new Flowmaster Exhaust. Enjoy the show!

Special Thanks

The CarCast crew need to extend special thanks to Mercedes Benz for the (hard) use of the SLS for this episode. Also to Motorator Matt for making the connections and getting the car down here to the shop. And let’s not forget the folks at ContourHD cameras for all the in and out of car HD video cameras!

For The Ripper segment special thanks to Flowmaster (Cam) and Big John’s Automotive (Steve!) for his hard work getting the pipes and Hushpower mufflers tucked under the car.

Episode Links

Mercedes Benz AMG SLS Site

Big John’s Performance

Flowmaster Mufflers

ContourHD HD Video Camera Systems


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Episode Videos

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz get hooked up with a Mercedes AMG SLS. Then Professor Ganz and Motorator Matt do some road work with the car. The Mercedes AMG SLS is put though the paces in the CarCast first ‘Test Drive Thru’ segment. And for those curious, The letters “AMG” stand for Aufrecht, Melcher and Gro├časpach. Enjoy!

Mercedes Benz AMG SLS


CarCast “Test Drive Thru” Mercedes AMG SLS


The Ripper gets Flowmastered


Datsun, Museum and SEMA Part I

December 3, 2010

Adam Carolla rolls down to San Diego area and makes a couple of stops, he hits Symboilic Motors in La Jolla to check out yet another Paul Newman’s 1987 300zx 2+2 race cars. After the quick visit to Symbolic Motors Adam heads on down to the San Diego Automotive Museum check out his own Paul Newman race car and a few of the historic Datsun and Nissan cars on display. The next segment brings part I of the SEMA show where Sandy Ganz and Motorator Matt make the trek to Las Vegas and talk to folks including – Ring Brothers, Flowmaster, Liquid Wrench, Steve Strope and Bodie Stroud. We wrap up with this weeks tech tool tip, “Tapping and You”. Enjoy the show!

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Show Links

Symbolic Motors
Flowmaster Mufflers
San Diego Automotive Museum
Liquid Wrench
Steve Strope’s Purevision Design
BS Hot Rids by Bodie Stroud

Image Gallery

The images for SEMA are for Parts I and II

**Pictures of tech tool segment are on the last page of the image gallery
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Episode Videos



San Diego Automotive Museum


Tech Tool Tip – “Tapping and You”