Carolla and Ganz on the Phone

January 7, 2011

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Show Summary

Adam Carolla and the Professor Sandy Ganz are back on the phone for this episode. As always the ACE digs deep and tells the store of ‘Snake Oiler’ and how he got his name. Then onto the real star of the show, the Mercedes AMG SLS. We take a tour of the car and then Professor Ganz and Motorator Matt go out and give the car a quick test. We also introduce a new segment called “Test Drive Thru”, which you might be able to figure out. To wrap up this weeks episode a special video on The Ripper where we get the car fitted with some new Flowmaster Exhaust. Enjoy the show!

Special Thanks

The CarCast crew need to extend special thanks to Mercedes Benz for the (hard) use of the SLS for this episode. Also to Motorator Matt for making the connections and getting the car down here to the shop. And let’s not forget the folks at ContourHD cameras for all the in and out of car HD video cameras!

For The Ripper segment special thanks to Flowmaster (Cam) and Big John’s Automotive (Steve!) for his hard work getting the pipes and Hushpower mufflers tucked under the car.

Episode Links

Mercedes Benz AMG SLS Site

Big John’s Performance

Flowmaster Mufflers

ContourHD HD Video Camera Systems


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Episode Videos

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz get hooked up with a Mercedes AMG SLS. Then Professor Ganz and Motorator Matt do some road work with the car. The Mercedes AMG SLS is put though the paces in the CarCast first ‘Test Drive Thru’ segment. And for those curious, The letters “AMG” stand for Aufrecht, Melcher and Großaspach. Enjoy!

Mercedes Benz AMG SLS


CarCast “Test Drive Thru” Mercedes AMG SLS


The Ripper gets Flowmastered


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13 thoughts on “Carolla and Ganz on the Phone

  1. Flatulator

    That Mercedes is beautiful . I would shit my pants while driving it in order to generate a good story.

  2. Chris Middlebrook

    The new gull wing is starting to grow on me. At first I wasn’t too crazy over that snout, but it actually looks OK when you see the car in person. It definitely tips the hat to the original one.

  3. ttamnoswad


    Just curious, does the ripper idle without having to catch the revs with the gas pedal so much? Seems like a lot of extra throttle blipping going on. Just sayin.

    Definitely want to see the 610 vs ripper lap time showdown even more now!

    1. CarCast Post author

      Thanks for the vote of confidence 🙂

      And no, it needs to be warm before it will idle, but the run to the muffler shop was right before I got the timing dialed in so it was a bit retarded. Idle was fine after I checked again and dialed in the carb. Worked great at the track, but then again when do you idle that car anyway!

      Yeah, hopefully will be getting the engine back in the car in the next week or so. The engine is rumored to be back together and will be heading down to QMP for the dyno run (Just to be sure it’s all good) this Thursday.

      Stay Tuned!


  4. JasonFromCA

    Hey Ganz please, PLEASE tell Adam to put his beanie all the way on(partially covering ears). I’m remembering a rant of his about how super old guys always wear their hats sort of half on and all cockeyed. I can’t help but think he’s becoming one of them and I’m worried, so I think you should set him straight. As a friend of Adam’s it’s kind of your duty right?

  5. Walfisch

    I have to agree with Sandy on the door lock popper. That looks like it came out of a 20 year old car. Doesn’t Mercedes’ current cars have a nice rectangular shaped tab with a chrome ring on it? They could’ve at least made it look more subtle.

    However, the whining about the filter airboxes in the engine is a bit much. Let the Italians spittle away their time with crinkle finished intake boxes. I’m guessing the plasting, light, and cheaper molded ones in the SLS won’t conduct heat as opposed to ones made of metal.

  6. Charlie

    I’m just catching myself up on these shows. I’m kicking myself for lapsing on you guys! I’m back now though, and love it even more.

    I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned it before, but I love the sound bite from Batman to start the show. I remember watching that show as a kid, and just loved the sound of them firing up the batmobile. Probably started my love for cars before I even knew it!

    I think that Mercedes is flat out gorgeous. I know Adam is a Bimmer guy, but some of these Mercedes have styling that stirs the blood up more than most BMW’s at the moment. Especially the AMG cars, they look mean!

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