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Galpin Ford

December 30, 2010


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Adam Carolla and the Professor Sandy Ganz take a trip out to Galpin Ford in the Van Nuys. Galpin is Ford’s largest volume dealer with a very interesting past. We meet up with Galpin’s head honcho Beau Boechmann. Beau takes Adam and Sandy for the grand tour of the Galpin ‘Museum’ and Galpin Auto Sport (GAS).

Check out the many photos at the bottom of the posting. The Pictures of The Rippers shifter cover are at the end of the photo on pages 4 and 5.

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Episode Videos

The last 2 videos have never seen before from the vault at CarCast… Well, just some footage that you might enjoy.

Galpin Ford Visit


The Ripper Shift cover FAIL video


CarCast Zapruder Film


The Ripper : Transmission Swap P2

November 1, 2010


Here is a bit of the work on the transmission crossmember. The plan was to reuse the stock mount and modify it to use the new GM style transmission mount that the Tex Racing box has. Engine and trans was stuffed into the car, then the mount was marked where things needed to be removed and extended. The entire assembly was about 3/4″ short from being a drop in with new holes. Oh well.

After marking the x-member, a dangerous air cutoff tool was summonsed to do the cutting. Left a nice clean edge. The emergency brake pivot point was also removed as it was too tall and in the way of the bottom of the transmission mount.

A small plate was made that extended the mount with some suitable bracing and it was all welded back together. The plasma cutter was used to make the nice slots after drilling a couple of starter holes.

Paint applied and all done… Well not quite. After a test fitment it was noticed that when the gearbox was in reverse the shift arm on the transmission was hitting the side of the mount, making it impossible to get it fully into reverse. A run in with the Acetylene torch created a nice pocket (dimple) and problem solved, except for the burnt up paint!

The Ripper Shift cover FAIL video


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The Ripper : Transmission Swap P1

May 7, 2010

This weeks simple project was to try to get the new transmission fitted into the car. The new gearbox is different then the Tremec TKO 5 speed that was in the car and also different then the original top loader that was in the car. The new Texas Transmission T101A is a heavy duty gearbox from some Nascar or related type of racing. It’s similar to a T10, but bigger in some dimensions. The first issue was to “get the shifter in the hole”. So the blown engine block was bolted to the Tilton bell housing and then transmission and dropped back in the car. Motorator Matt helps out the Professor in some minor hacking to the transmission tunnel. Against better judgment Ganz didn’t cut enough…

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Transmission Tunnel Video