IMSA + Durango Hellcat & GT3 R Cup Car

April 30, 2021

Adam and Matt kick off the show talking about Monterey and its theme for 2021 which is the the 52nd Anniversary of IMSA. Matt talks about his experience with both the Lexus RC F FUJI Edition as well as the new Dodge SRT Hellcat. They touch on the Mach E performance edition before talking about how EV Range is determined and by who. Other cars mentioned include the Mustang 2000 SVT Cobra R, the Porsche 924, & Adam’s 2000 GT3 R Cup Car. Lastly, Adam gives out some cars that he feels would be good values to invest in.

John Hennessey (CEO Hennessey Performance)

April 23, 2021

Adam and Matt start the show talking about the Dodge SRE Hellcat SUV and the Lexus RC F Fuji edition. They then get into the seemingly EV themed Shanghai Auto-Show. The guys go deep on Hydrogen Fuel Cell vs EV and try to figure out if the Toyota Mirai is in fact fully Hydrogen run. For the second half of the show they bring in founder and CEO of Hennessey Performance, John Hennessey. John goes into a variety of topics including his upcoming Venom F5 which he is hoping will top out over 300 MPH.

VW Arteon + Porsche GT3 Testing & MG Cyberster

April 16, 2021

Adam and Matt start the show talking about Matt’s experience with the VW Arteon R Line. They move on to Porsche’s recent press release and the grooling durability testing they did with the GT3. Matt brings up the MG Cyberster concept car and they talk about possibility of an MG comeback . Lastly, they talk about Ford’s decision to go all in on the Bronco.

Wade Kawasaki (CEO of Legendary Brands) + Tiger Woods Crash

April 9, 2021

Adam and Matt start off the show by giving an update on Adam’s BRE 110 paint job. Adam talks about seeing his first EV F150 which leads them into the new EV Silverado. Matt brings up the Tiger Woods crash. This launches the guys into a lengthy speculative conversation on how much Tiger’s crashed Hyundai would fetch at an Auction. They then bring on Wade Kawasaki who talks about the process of restoring vintage tires as well as some of the cars he has recently reviewed including a 1965 Iso Grifo by Bizazarrini, a 1956 Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing, and a 1966 Ferrari 275 GTS.