The Ripper : Engine Removal Project

February 6, 2010

Sandy, Adam and others show up to remove the engine in ‘The Ripper’ This is part one of a mini-series where the CarCast team get the car ready for a yet unannounced track day. What can go wrong you say? Well watch and see!

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Video was LIVE Video Saturday Feb 6th at 1pm PST

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28 thoughts on “The Ripper : Engine Removal Project

  1. Morgan

    So where are you on the Ripper progress? Have you got that new motor and trans in the Ripper and running. Open track season is here. Dont forget that the Shelby Nationals and Mini Nats will be at Sears Point this year and we will be holding a Drag Race Session as well. I will have my Shelby Cobra there for the open track sesions and do a little 1/4 mile action.

    1. CarCast Post author

      I have had the blown up block and trans in and out a couple of times to get the new gearbox fitted. We have some video of that a bit, but not much. I have to bash the trans tunnel a bit for the shifter and do some work for the shift linkage to clear the trans tunnel. I may have to move forward without video as we can’t get that going fast enough. It may be photos for a bit until it’s fired and that we will do video for sure. I’m going to get on it with or without video, can’t have it sitting this long waiting to get it going.


  2. Mark Mason

    Sandy when are you starting the GT 40
    I cant wait to see that car on the carcast
    also do you have updates on the sunbeam tigar
    and the ripper.
    Arlington Wa

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