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Nitto Tires’ William Hong & Tyler Tanaka

July 26, 2014

Nitto’s William Hong and Tyler Tanaka talk turkey about tires on this week’s show. They answer Adam and Matt’s questions about how to get the most out of your tires on the track or on the street. We also try to find out where to buy some proper “jack stamps” or something. Then we see their amazing custom 2014 Mustang GT, which will be given away at their car enthusiast day.


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Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana

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Corky Coker & His ’54 Buick Century

July 27, 2013

Corky Coker, car lover and the head of Coker Tires comes in to talk tires (aka “tars”) and wheels. He also brings us a mildly customized ’54 Buick Century that he took on the 2011 Hot Rod Power Tour.

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Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana



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Vaughn Gittin Jr.

April 8, 2011

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Show Summary

Adam Carolla and the Professor Sandy Ganz sit back with Vaughn Gittin Jr. Vaughn is a different breed of racer, he is a formula drifter. He is currently driving the Monster Energy Drink/Falken Ford Mustang. Vaughn teaches the boys more about the sport and how it all works. Then we jump back to a the “Derelict Wagon”, a station wagon that has been done with some amazing care yet looks like an un-restored car. Jonathan Ward has been on the show with his ICON 4×4’s and has many other amazing projects in the works!

Show Links

Want to know more about Vaughn Gittin Jr? Check out his website at www.VaughGittin.com

And if want to take a look at the his Mustang RTR look no further then www.MustangRTR.com

Check out Jonathan’s Companies for ICON brand Land Cruiser and Jeep at ICON

And if you are working on a Toyota Land Cruiser here is the starting place TLC


Jonathan Ward’s Derelict Wagon


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Amir Rosenbaum at 400mph+

October 29, 2010

This weeks episode of CarCast with Adam Carolla and the Professor Sandy Ganz bring you a repeat visitor to CarCast, Amir Rosenbaum of Spectre Performance. Amir tells us the story of his 400mph+ run at the Bonneville Salt Flats. And after some hard labor we get the streamliner pushed into the CarCast parking lot where we take a look at some of the interesting construction details of the car, including the 500 inch twin turbocharged Cadillac V8. We wrap up with a bit about “Plus Sizing” and winter tires.

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Show Links

Spectre Performance Web Site: www.SpectrePerformance.com
Spectre Performance Blog: www.SpectrePerformance.com/blog/
SpeedLiner info and photos from the record-setting pass: SpeedLiner at Motorator

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Episode Videos

Amir Rosenbaum’s SpeedLiner

Tire Plus Sizing and Winter Rims

Bodie Stroud

April 2, 2010

While Adam is training for the Toyota Long Beach Celebrity Race, Sandy and Matt take your for tour of Bodie Stroud’s new Hot Rod Shop. Matt D’Andria jumps in as we look at Bodie’s projects which range from a 1956 Pickup to a new build he is just beginning that is based on a Boss 429 idea. Then Professor Ganz gets roped into more free labor instead or working on his projects, but at least he gets to explode a tire onto a rim backwoods style. And finally a peek at Mike Rowe’s first car. That’s this week on CarCast. Enjoy!

And here is a link to the BendPak Blog where they have more pictures and a nice post about the day

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Quick Links

Quick Link to Mike Rowe’s First Car

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Bodie’s Shop Video

Tire Job