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Vaughn Gittin Jr.

April 8, 2011

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Show Summary

Adam Carolla and the Professor Sandy Ganz sit back with Vaughn Gittin Jr. Vaughn is a different breed of racer, he is a formula drifter. He is currently driving the Monster Energy Drink/Falken Ford Mustang. Vaughn teaches the boys more about the sport and how it all works. Then we jump back to a the “Derelict Wagon”, a station wagon that has been done with some amazing care yet looks like an un-restored car. Jonathan Ward has been on the show with his ICON 4×4’s and has many other amazing projects in the works!

Show Links

Want to know more about Vaughn Gittin Jr? Check out his website at www.VaughGittin.com

And if want to take a look at the his Mustang RTR look no further then www.MustangRTR.com

Check out Jonathan’s Companies for ICON brand Land Cruiser and Jeep at ICON

And if you are working on a Toyota Land Cruiser here is the starting place TLC


Jonathan Ward’s Derelict Wagon


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