Amir Rosenbaum at 400mph+

October 29, 2010

This weeks episode of CarCast with Adam Carolla and the Professor Sandy Ganz bring you a repeat visitor to CarCast, Amir Rosenbaum of Spectre Performance. Amir tells us the story of his 400mph+ run at the Bonneville Salt Flats. And after some hard labor we get the streamliner pushed into the CarCast parking lot where we take a look at some of the interesting construction details of the car, including the 500 inch twin turbocharged Cadillac V8. We wrap up with a bit about “Plus Sizing” and winter tires.

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Spectre Performance Web Site:
Spectre Performance Blog:
SpeedLiner info and photos from the record-setting pass: SpeedLiner at Motorator

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Episode Videos

Amir Rosenbaum’s SpeedLiner

Tire Plus Sizing and Winter Rims

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19 thoughts on “Amir Rosenbaum at 400mph+

  1. Ellis

    CarCast jump-started my Saturday (and knowledge/funny bone) once again. Oh, and Amir, another great sport who goes so well with the flow, though reminding me of Regis. Dammit you guys make this so effin funny and informative! 5 Stars, thanks, m8’s!

    (However, I did encounter some constant buffering, though only for the first time. Hopefully it was from just my end.)

    Hey Sandy, I’m looking forward to the Professor, and Matt-Man, going on more amusingly adventurous missions which perfectly fuels my new drinking game. And lastly, I’m really looking forward to CarCast covering more β€˜rolling’ action, with more ball-busting post-commentary!

    You guys rock, roll, and rule!

  2. CY

    Simply a great podcast. Makes my weekends. The fact that your not on Top Gear for the US , is criminal

  3. Reg Dunlop

    Great cast guys, I love me some Amir. Adam seemed a little out of his element, but the back and forth between the 3 guys more than made up for it.

    Thanks for the great work


    1. CarCast Post author

      It was good, Amir is a great guy and it’s cool that he does not just do things like everyone else. He builds things that are interesting and then will drive them flat out. It was a major deal to have that car on the show, Me, Amir, and one of his crew well mostly me and the his crew chief πŸ™‚ unloaded the car and after all said and done tool about an hour to move it into the CarCast drive way. Same to pack it up, lot of work and he was happy to bring it and show it off. Awesome guest. Will have him back with more Spectre stuff.

      My favorite part of the recorded conversation was when Adam asked about his Ferrari catching fire on the Bay Bridge, and Amir said something like “yeah been a couple of times…”

      Thanks for the comments as well!


  4. Jayson Lepper

    G’Day Sandy, great show once again. Got to ask, where was the start-up and tosing a coupla revs at the thing? Anyway great podcast.

    1. CarCast Post author

      That was at the shop. We do have a massive exhaust fan in the shop that make it so we don’t get killed by the fumes. It’s cool to fire it up indoors πŸ˜‰


  5. Daniel

    This was a great show. You guys ought to do a Discount Tire spot about how to repair a tire from the outside so that you can drive it to Discount Tire to get it replaced. The 400mph Caddy was awesome.

    1. CarCast Post author

      Ha, don’t leak the next show… well it’s on the list is something just like that. Doing a plug or a patch and how they work, I have the plug kit and will pick up the patches for some discussion of what is what with each.


  6. Dustin Driver

    I recently moved from Nor Cal to Central Oregon, where it snows seven months out of the year. Snow tires are essential here. I picked up a set of Blizzaks from a famous online tire shop. They came mounted on some inexpensive but nice-looking aluminum rims. Thankfully, they don’t salt the roads here. Said online tire shop recommended the AL rims for my car and did not stock steelies. I’m thankful I don’t live where they salt the roads because that would’ve really put me in a bad place.

    In other news, Discount Tire does stock steel rims for my car, and my wife’s car. πŸ˜‰


  7. khawthorn

    Very interesting show. And congratulations on getting Discount Tire as a sponsor. They’re a great company to get tires from.

  8. Lew

    Great show fellas (except for Sandy, of course!) Amir has quite the dry wit doesn’t he? Awesome car. Looks like they have had a lot of fun with it. Relatively simple, yet astounding performance! I think they could coax 5 to 10 more MPH outta that chassis with some more aerodynamic tweaking. I believe an aerodynamisist would agree, it is more important how the flow leaves the car than how it arrives; e.g. a rain drop. I see two things in the Ace-man’s future: a record car for speed and a custom car shop.

  9. XMan

    Very cool episode guys. Kinda like you said, its fun to see custom Mustangs and all, but this is worth tuning in for. The guys are really funny to listen to with Amir – and also on his previous visit. You ought to find a way to bring him back more often. You know a while back I saw an interview with Dale Earnhardt Jr (was it with Adam? I don’t recall) and I was pleasantly surprised at how witty and fun to listen to he was… it would be great if you consider asking him over someday. All of your guests are very interesting but only a rare few are actually funny. Oh and what happened to the other segments like celebrity first cars and investment cars?

    Final comment – I just discovered that “view as slideshow” makes the pictures full screen. I was just clicking the pictures and getting a large thumbnail. Now I am going to go back and see what I missed!

    1. CarCast Post author

      Thanks, and one other tip on the slide show, if you leave the mouse over the description it will stay up while the slides change. Not a lot of the pics have detailed descriptions but some do. The Celebrity cars is something that Adam would do during the end of the his show and I think he has some much not to do with the guest (Stitcher Extra, etc) It just kept the guest too long. I bug him and see if he can get those going now and again. The Investment cars segment is us just being lazy and not thinking of cars and doing them…


  10. Morgan

    Adam and Sandy, Great show, love this pod cast . saw you several times interviewing peopel at SEMA. You need a few more updates on the Ripper! Hope to run into you at Willow Springs in 2011.

    1. CarCast Post author

      Yeah, motor is out of the car now, need to get it to the machine shop for a tear down. Looks like it has some problems as the oil looked a bit like some aluminum powder was dumped in it (read bearing). So hopefully I caught it early enough before it did really bad stuff, but what’s the odds in that. I think at the engine shop we will get video and the dyno run which will be fun.


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