Bodie Stroud

April 2, 2010

While Adam is training for the Toyota Long Beach Celebrity Race, Sandy and Matt take your for tour of Bodie Stroud’s new Hot Rod Shop. Matt D’Andria jumps in as we look at Bodie’s projects which range from a 1956 Pickup to a new build he is just beginning that is based on a Boss 429 idea. Then Professor Ganz gets roped into more free labor instead or working on his projects, but at least he gets to explode a tire onto a rim backwoods style. And finally a peek at Mike Rowe’s first car. That’s this week on CarCast. Enjoy!

And here is a link to the BendPak Blog where they have more pictures and a nice post about the day

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Bodie’s Shop Video

Tire Job

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14 thoughts on “Bodie Stroud

  1. ATX

    Funny, I was sitting at the tire shop Saturday morning, watching a set of tires being installed on my truck while listening to this podcast.

  2. Scott

    Can’t we agree that putting up the video before the next week’s Carcast is appropriate?

    Why not shut the show down, get 3-5 in the can, and then go ahead with a new, complete episode with video every week? I suggest either that, or just make the Carcast less video dependent. I would still gladly tune in if it were just Ace talking cars with a guest. As it stands now, we have the worst combo, a video dependent show with no video. Frustrating.

    1. Dave

      I agree with you. Why does it take so long for you guys to get your vids up on time. Lot of you shows really need to be seen and it’s frustrating when you don’t post on time.

    2. CarCast Post author

      Scott –

      Can’t talk keep saying the same thing over and over again. We get them up as fast as we can. Your suggestion is not at all helpful in solving the problem, how about this, you skip 3 shows and then we won’t have to bother the rest of the people that understand that the limited crew (who are working for free) are doing a lot of things and sometimes we just can’t get the videos up. We don’t just work on CarCast, we have a ton of other projects that also require daily attention. Trust me I am the first one that raises the issue about getting the videos up, but their is not enough hands on the job to get all of the work we need to do for Adam’s other shows _and_ wrap up the videos, which are time consuming to edit. Sorry that is the way it is for the time being. That all being said we have a new trainee working on editing but will be a bit before he is up to speed. That will significantly cut the time to get the video publish so we are working on it, it is just difficult given the resources.


      1. Scott


        I DO appreciate that you have a limited crew and all the reasons it takes the video a long time to get up. My point was and is that it actually hurts the franchise to continue this way. I’m a rabid Carcast fan, and so I will wait and find the video once it gets up. For a more casual fan though, I think they would just move on. I want the Carcast to be wildly successful, and to that end I offered my suggestion.



  3. frank

    Mr Carolla,

    Can you interview Chip Foose for a carcast episode?
    I would love to hear his history with Boyd Coddington.


  4. CarCast Post author

    About F’n time with the videos! Ha, well they are finally up for this post. Or editor is coming up to speed and we will start working on the backlog.

    Thanks to those that were patiently waiting.


  5. Cordie Scadden

    Why use a truck that is nearly 30 years old when making your point about wastefulness. Why not use a modern SUV, maybe a Hummer H2. The pickup was probably used as a tool somewhat. The H2s and other large or small SUVs currently be bought by the millions are not being used for anything a small van or in most cases a midsized car couldn’t handle such as taking two children to the mall.

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