Vaughn Gittin Jr.

April 8, 2011

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Show Summary

Adam Carolla and the Professor Sandy Ganz sit back with Vaughn Gittin Jr. Vaughn is a different breed of racer, he is a formula drifter. He is currently driving the Monster Energy Drink/Falken Ford Mustang. Vaughn teaches the boys more about the sport and how it all works. Then we jump back to a the “Derelict Wagon”, a station wagon that has been done with some amazing care yet looks like an un-restored car. Jonathan Ward has been on the show with his ICON 4×4’s and has many other amazing projects in the works!

Show Links

Want to know more about Vaughn Gittin Jr? Check out his website at

And if want to take a look at the his Mustang RTR look no further then

Check out Jonathan’s Companies for ICON brand Land Cruiser and Jeep at ICON

And if you are working on a Toyota Land Cruiser here is the starting place TLC


Jonathan Ward’s Derelict Wagon


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14 thoughts on “Vaughn Gittin Jr.

  1. big jim

    Great show again, guys! Even though I’m not a gearhead and my wrenching is pretty much limited to drinking beers with my neighbor while he soups up hatchbacks, I think I figured out why I dig this show: it’s guys who’re cool, funny, super-smart and super-talented talking about what they love. I think Paul Newman said that he could watch anyone doing anything – be it acting or directing traffic or whatever – and as long as they did it well he could sit and watch for hours. That’s my take on this show.
    Also, that Chrysoto is awesome.

  2. Ford Prefect

    I like how he kept everything stock (in appearance), yet the antiquated buttons on the obselete devices still do something useful.

    I’m a fan, real big fan of the whole “Fahrenheit 451” Steam Punk thing. Postive click buttons and anolog knobs are good, yesterday and today. (Why fiix it?) The interface must be simple, pleasing and SATISFYING. And thus, the deference to history.

    1. CarCast Post author

      It was a hot car, Camera Man/Editor Mr. Fox made his call also as that was his favorite car at the Car-B-Que. Jonathan is a master of disguise, all the old mixed with new and you would hardly give it a second thought as it being anything other that an old wagon. He has another car in the works, I think a Studebaker, I’m sure it will be nothing less as hot as the now tagged Chrysoto (I think it’ really a Sotoler since the fronts off a DeSoto).


      1. Ford Prefect

        Thanks. I also like how Adam hit on the obvious question about: “shouldn’t driver education focus on how to recover the car” vs. keeping control, when obviously no one plans for the unexpected.

        And that’s the real problem; You have to correct yourself, real time, and correct what YOU did, without panic.

        Training should be like Boot Camp: they get you frazzled, put you in a pressure situation, and let YOU figure out what it is that prevents YOU from performing rationally. “What is YOUR major malfunction numbnuts? You call that a downshift Gomer Pyle! Pathetic!”

        The gold tooth grill was a conceit, but “first” has its benefits. How about an half-and-half car (old and new)? What would that look like? Not “old-as-new”, nor “old-now-restored”, but truly half-and-half. An artistic question.

  3. Jason King

    Yo Adam & Sandy,

    In this episode you were yakking about a need for a Car Control Course for learning how to do things like catch a spin, etc. We have that EXACT kind of class with the LA Chapter of the BMW CCA. We teach car control techniques to help people learn to control their $60k M3 on a watered down skidpad. We also teach emergency avoidance techniques, ABS Braking Drills, and Slalom Drills. This usually takes place during one of our track weekends out @ California Speedway, oops AutoClub Speedway, or out at Willow Springs.

    Also at the beginning of May we are holding a “Advanced Handling Techniques Play Day”. Sort of a similar event, but much less formal. This will give club members & non-members a chance to do all the stuff they want to learn how to do in their cars, but are afraid of being arrested over. Burnouts, donuts, drifting, anything you want to work on. This is also very similar to what you had talked about on the latest episode of “Carcast”. Only thing is I don’t think we’ll have a water truck to wet down parts of the course.

    You an find out more info here:

    1. CarCast Post author

      Jason –

      I was sitting and trying to remember your class and since my memory is not like Adam’s I came up blank 😉 But that is what I was thinking the safe driving course that you guys are doing. Jason’s link is up because he has a good course and something that everyone (especially with kids about to drive) should check out.

      P.S. We can figure out how to hose down the course for the fun part of the training 😉

  4. Drew

    Yup, Awsome car. Nothing to add that hasn’t already been said here other than even purists would have to keep mum about all the cool hidden mods.
    As a side note, I have been a listener of all the podcasts for a couple of years now and keep hearing small snippets of stories about Donny’s Bronco. Any chance we can get Adam or you to do a small segment to get us all up to speed on this thing that seems to be a pain to everyone but Donny?

    1. Tim

      I AGREE!!! I’m in the exact same boat as Drew, Plus i am restoring my own 69 Bronco so i am dieing to know what the deal is.

      1. CarCast Post author

        If you had signed up for the newsletter you would have the inside scoop 😉 I will get us going with a segment on the Bronco, as it’s come full circle, and I think everyone is now happy.


  5. Robert

    Someday the 57 will be on the road in better condition than it is in currently, otherwise just going to drive the GP until it drops as I just rolled 204k. Been a fan of the Mustang since I found a Boss 302 in Blaze Orange with the reflective stripe package, shaker hood, sitting in a barn with the 57 sitting along side a 29, 31, 55, 56, 59(3), 66, 67, 70, 75., 78, 84, 86 among other things. If I had my choice today I’d pick a new Ford Mustang over any camaro.

  6. Aaron

    You guys HAVE TO RIDE in drift car at full tilt with a pro driver at the helm!
    You kept trying to relate drifting to spinning out or hanging the tail out in the rain around a corner on the street.
    It is so much different than anything you do in your street car. You are taveling sideways at 100+ MPH for long periods of time with another driver close enough to reach out and touch.
    Go to a drift event, experience it, feel it, hear it. Organize a ride along. Your view of drifting will forever be changed. You will be “enlightened”. And I guarantee you will have a bitchin time. Your ‘taint will be tingeling like never before.

    Oh, and I love the Jonathan’s car.

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