Peter North

September 10, 2010

Adult film star Peter North sits down with Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz to talk about his blown Ferrari and his CLK63 AMG Black Series Mercedes. Then the CarCast crew catches up with the So-Cal Speed Open House which include a few special guests including Jimmy Shine, Alex Xydias’ and Robert Williams. Check the site for the videos and as always Enjoy the Show!

Check out Peter North’s site at (Caution – Adult Site, we warned you)

And for more information on So-Cal and the cool project cars hit them at

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Episode Video

Ferrari and AMG Mercedes

So-Cal Speed Shop Open House

Robert Williams

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30 thoughts on “Peter North

        1. j3w

          Do a whois on North’s website.

          It’s owned by a Canadian online porn giant: Gamma Entertainment.

          Peter, alas, doesn’t own a single scene he’s appeared in in his career and doesn’t even own his own name brand website. How rich can he really be?

  1. Flatulator

    This man has larger-than-average ejaculatory volume! Keep the cock in your pants and the testicles in your scrotum.

  2. Ford Prefect

    You know what they say… guys that drive these cars are compensating for something else. Bang goes that theory. I imagine Mr. North is invited to many Ferrari events for that reason. See! It’s simply not true. Really, it’s not.

    The front-end and side vents of the Howerton roadster remind me of the type D, another beautiful car that’s all business. Bling without substance is just trash, like rhinestones or paste jewelry, but when the bling comes from engineering (“engineerbling?”) it’s truly beautiful. I vote for no paint (maybe a small stripe or decal on the rear quarter).

  3. hostile17

    Adam should produce a movie about North’s life story and call it
    “Peter North: Power Bottom Makes Good”

  4. captain ham

    once again great show and beautiful cars but it’s going to get boring real soon if you guys can’t get a small track (at least) and give these cars some kind of run.

    nice to see sandy get even more interviews on his own. nice work, dude. you guys will have a serious show one day.

    1. Ellis

      Agreed. We need some track action!

      Sandy (and Matt) especially killed at the B&M factory!
      And the B&M guys were such great sports about it.

  5. Grahaminator

    Whats the deal with this episode? Not one wise crack or question to the guy? I see that he may not be mr personality but really you had a huge opportunity to grill this dude instead it was like an interview with a fence post. It just felt strange like you had been censored to ask or say anything. No biggie Car Cast is great!

  6. Travis

    I like that Sandy is doing segments on his own on these past few episodes. I love Ace and listen to the Ace Network shows solely because of my affinity for him, but this is the Carcast. And as such, I feel that not every segment requires his expertise and opinions. Thumbs up!

    BTW, these Peter North cars (whether they’re his or not) are the best sounding I’ve heard on any Carcast so far. Seriously, good stuff.

    1. CarCast Post author

      The F430 was awesome sounding. It was the first car that I had to say while revving was too loud. This includes the McLaren M6B which was un-corked. He has some nice stuff done to both of then, the Ferrari was a sleeper with the twin blowers. Both cars were really nice, and he was fun to have at the studio. He was on Adam’s Podcast as well and was a good sport about hanging out doing the CarCast as well.


  7. Dustin from BC

    I’m a bit confused now after this Peter North interview, can’t decide, is the guy a douchebag or not? After the Adam Carolla Show interview I wasn’t impressed, seemed like he didn’t have much to bring other than serious wang. But he seemed way more in his element talking cars, had much more personality and opinion.

    Or did he? Quoted the same semi-meaningless horsepower specs and “long tube headers” (must have a thing for long tubes) multiple times, like a guy who didn’t really know anything about cars other than what the dyno tech told him. He completely missed where Adam was going about the headers / possible missing catalytic converters a couple times like he had no clue what Adam meant. Didn’t seem like any of the work done was his vision, more like the vision of a performance shop given a blank cheque. But by Peter? Not so sure. Maybe it’s just that he can’t shut off the “bad porn acting” bit.

    Either way, great show yet again, kudos Carcast crew. Agreed with earlier posts, outstanding work at So-Cal Sandy.

    1. CarCast Post author

      Peter was a great guest, nice guy, took time to come and bring cars and hang out with us for a CarCast and Adam’s show. The cars were nice, very stealth yet each brutal in it’s own way. We will have him out again or at least the rumored track day at Willow Springs.

      All good with Peter!


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