Peter North

September 10, 2010

Adult film star Peter North sits down with Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz to talk about his blown Ferrari and his CLK63 AMG Black Series Mercedes. Then the CarCast crew catches up with the So-Cal Speed Open House which include a few special guests including Jimmy Shine, Alex Xydias’ and Robert Williams. Check the site for the videos and as always Enjoy the Show!

Check out Peter North’s site at (Caution – Adult Site, we warned you)

And for more information on So-Cal and the cool project cars hit them at

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Episode Video

Ferrari and AMG Mercedes

So-Cal Speed Shop Open House

Robert Williams

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30 thoughts on “Peter North

  1. MrRiddim

    It’s funny, you see a guy like peter north, especially someone that looks like him driving those kinds of cars, and instantly you think “douche”, but that interview really showed him to be pretty down to earth, cool guy. And he’s a car nut, which doesn’t hurt things either.

    Car nuts are the best!

    Thanks for this podcast guys, just started listening a couple months back, and I’m hooked. Keep up the great work!

  2. WRXLover

    Is that Dr. Funny Dave Dameshek stuffing his mouth with food in the Peter North/Ganz picture with them at the food truck? Shouldn’t that be Jacuzzi Pete?

  3. Joel

    North is a cool guy, despite the fact that a major requirement to be in his line of work is to be a total douche bag.

    But then again, North was never a guy who had to beg, plead and bride chicks to sleep with him.

  4. J. Walter Puppybreath

    It seemed to me that North was a little uncomfortable in that clip, as if he wasn’t used to talking to people in the non-porn world.
    I don’t buy that he’s a gearhead. The impression I got, though he can talk the talk, is he really just wants his cars to go fast.
    I wonder if he and Carolla exchanged Christy Canyon stories: Legends tell of Carolla asking CC out while they were both students at the same high school (she stood him up, btw).

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