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Your Questions & The Ford Focus ST

February 2, 2013

We take your questions and talk about Farrah’s Ferrari 308, what Adam’s next race car will be and if/when Adam will ever go get his own Ferrari back from Leno’s shop. Then we go outside to check out the 2013 Ford Focus ST.

Show Credits

Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana

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Peter North

September 10, 2010

Adult film star Peter North sits down with Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz to talk about his blown Ferrari and his CLK63 AMG Black Series Mercedes. Then the CarCast crew catches up with the So-Cal Speed Open House which include a few special guests including Jimmy Shine, Alex Xydias’ and Robert Williams. Check the site for the videos and as always Enjoy the Show!

Check out Peter North’s site at www.PeterNorth.com (Caution – Adult Site, we warned you)

And for more information on So-Cal and the cool project cars hit them at www.So-CalSpeedShop.com

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Episode Video

Ferrari and AMG Mercedes

So-Cal Speed Shop Open House

Robert Williams

Steve Saleen

October 9, 2009

Adam Carolla and Steve Saleen talk about Steve’s background, the S7 Supercar and the new SMS 570X Challenger and his daughters Mollypop Pink Mustang. Then a quick lane change into Investments cars. Adam and Sandy come up with some interesting choices as usual. A quick pit stop with Skype calls. Ace and the Professor talk one end of of the road to the other with Replica cars to box stock Mustangs. And yes, you guessed it, we feature one of Adam’s Italian cars, his Dino Ferrari 308GT4 and then a wrap with John Salley’s First Car. Enjoy the ride!

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Quick Links

Quick Link to The Guest Car SMS 570X Challenger and Mollypop Mustang
Quick Link to John Salley’s First Car
Quick Link to dino Ferrari 380GT4

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Dino Ferrari 308GT4

October 9, 2009

And you thought that Adam has run out of Italian cars for the show, guess again! This weeks Featured car is Adam’s own Dino Ferrari 308GT4. This car has a small transverse mounted V8 and has some interesting features, including the Professors hot looking air filters.

**This car is currently for Sale on Ebay Starting 10/27/2009**

Adam is selling this car, check it out on eBay at by clicking the link.  Ebay has many more pictures of the car as well.
Ebay Link to Adam Carolla’s Dino Ferrari 308GT4

Quick Links

Quick Link to Steve Saleen
Quick Link to The Guest Car SMS 570X Challenger and Mollypop Mustang
Quick Link to John Salley’s First Car

Video of the Dino Ferrari 308GT4

Adam and Jay Leno II

August 7, 2009

Adam and Jay fire it up for Part II. They discuss a wide variety of cars in this episode, from Jay’s Garage Find Duesenberg to his McLaren F1. Ace and Professor Ganz take a couple of Skype calls in the mix. Jeff Garlin tells us about his first ride. And Jason Calacanis brings in his wicked fast Tesla Roadster. Scroll down for pictures and a short video. Enjoy the Show.

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Cars Mentioned in this CarCast…

Adam Getting the Shaft at the Auction