10 thoughts on “Lexus LX570 Baja

  1. Tim McLaren

    Not really a big off-road guy, but DAMN did that truck sound healthy. Hey Sandy, now that The Ripper is alive and well, how about having it as a featured car in the next couple of weeks? Maybe an in-car video of a track day? I’d love to hear that aluminum 331 at full song.

    1. CarCast Post author

      It’s on the books! Track day is close, going to jump in with another group to see if the car works, and expect it coming up soon.


  2. Jim

    Awesome show!! Simple and to the point. An inspirational guest. Perfect. And did I miss something or did Adam not say “naturally aspirated” in this one?

  3. Jason in Boise

    Get us a trophy truck on the show, somebody bigger than Joe Bacal, so Adam won’t make fun of him.

  4. Greg Birch

    Another great show! good to hear the Ripper is running, I’ll do an homage to the old piston to flush out any bad spirits for a good racing season. Love to catch a race sometime.

  5. Stacy Jeambert

    Great show guys! I am a huge off road guy and I was glad to see this subject covered. Maybe in the future, you could do a show on the SCORE race series with Sal Fish (CEO of SCORE) or one of the Trophy Truck teams such as Herbst or McMillin. Lastly, Adam you need to accept Joe Bacal’s offer and get your ass in a Trophy Truck; nothing like hitting the whoops at 110mph!

    1. CarCast Post author

      Yeah getting Adam in a Trophy truck would be good. I had to jump in for him with Tanner in the Super Cross at the X Games this year. I think Tanner and I called him out 😉

      We will definitely be doing more with Joe and hopefully that will make us some more connections to the Off Road guys as well.


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