Mercedes AMG SLS

January 7, 2011

Adam and Sandy take a look at the stunning Mercedes AMG SLS. The Gullwing. Through some special arraignments by Motorator Matt, Mercedes let us have the car for an episode. Take a look as Carolla and The Professor look at one of the most anticipated vehicles Mercedes has produced in recent years. While we have no one for the ‘Special Guest’ this week, the SLS clearly needs no introduction.

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Carolla and Ganz on the Phone

Mercedes AMG SLS Test Drive Thru


Mercedes AMG SLS Images

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11 thoughts on “Mercedes AMG SLS

  1. Ford Prefect

    At first I thought someone had taken the real knob as a souvenir, but on the AMG website it looks like the same knob. I imagine someone is going to get fired over this. Unacceptable!

    On the same website: The SLS destination charge is $2750, but for a CL65 only $875, which is a more expensive car. Why?

  2. BenH

    Nice job on the photo set fellas. It’s pretty obvious MB put a lot of thought into this car. Build quality appears to be high and I hope all the switches and things feel as solid as they look. There isn’t anything MBUSA needs to worry when it comes to TG and Adam Ferrera. First of all he doesn’t have enough car or driving experience to know what he is talking about. Second the type of buyer that can actually afford this car will be smart enough to make a decision on his own. I think if MB’s goal was to make a grand tourer unlike anything else crammed with an insane motor and bespoke interior, it’s spot on for me.

    So where dies MB go from here?

  3. GRpufnstuf

    Kinda love the car. I think those weird pedestrian safety laws from Europe are messing up the front ends of their cars, specifically the hoods and griles.
    Also, I hope to go the rest of my life without seeing another close-up of Sandy eating $.49 tacos.

  4. Tyler

    Hilarious video Sandy. 49 cent tacos in a 230K car = ultimate irony and great unintentional comedy. Good times!

  5. Tom M.

    Stitched leather on the knee bolsters? Opulence; this car haz it.

    Great exhaust note.

    I just can’t embrace the front of the car, something about the nose unsettles me. Sort of like Michelle Pfeiffer’s eyes. I know she’s supposedly hot, but I just don’t see it.

    Is there any truth that this car was originally set to be the Viper replacement? Maybe that’s why the hood is so long. I’d love to walk by a proud new owner and say, “Nice Viper.”

  6. bob

    it’s not about you taco!! it’s about the car remember, no Klass! and you damage the front too! ($230.000) please keep it at $20.000 or less……man!

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