Adam and Jay Leno II

August 7, 2009

Adam and Jay fire it up for Part II. They discuss a wide variety of cars in this episode, from Jay’s Garage Find Duesenberg to his McLaren F1. Ace and Professor Ganz take a couple of Skype calls in the mix. Jeff Garlin tells us about his first ride. And Jason Calacanis brings in his wicked fast Tesla Roadster. Scroll down for pictures and a short video. Enjoy the Show.

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Cars Mentioned in this CarCast…

Adam Getting the Shaft at the Auction


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36 thoughts on “Adam and Jay Leno II

  1. Ima Furst

    Love the Carcast, but the bit where you kept saying the guys name and bleeping it with the power drill… annoying as hell.

    If you’re not supposed to say a guy’s name, DON’T SAY IT. An effing drill noise when you’re not expecting it, especially like twelve times, tends to get on the nerves.

    Other than that, fantastic. 🙂

  2. Chris CarollaFan

    Hey guys!

    First and foremost, THANK YOU! I know you get a ton of people on here bitching about this and that but I’m sure none of them realize how much it really takes to put this all together, especially when you have the awesome motivations of NOT getting paid a dime for it all… not only that but having to pay out the ass so we can all enjoy listening. Know that it is appreciated!

    Unfortunately, I do have to agree with Ima (above) about the sound bits. You have to remember that the sound on the podcast is a little low, and when most of us are listening to it in the car we have to turn the volume WAY up. So, when you insert the “Impact drill noise” cover-up that is significantly louder than the people talking… well, lets just say it may cause a car accident or two. Lol.

    You guys are great and I am so jealous of what you guys do! I’m a total gear head and (race sportbikes for fun) and am SOOO envious of all the garage and car talk. This podcast is very well done and I can’t thank you enough.


    Seattle, WA

  3. Rollie

    The BMW 3.0 CSL is a nice looking car but it looks like the Germans ripped of the design from the Chevrolet Corvair

  4. Christiaan

    Can you post the pictures in a way that you can flip through them?
    as they are now you have to click on one, then click back, then click the next one and so on.
    Otherwise, thanks for the podcasts.

  5. Steve Karandy

    Dudes! Carcast really should be video based (like the cooking segment in TACP with Adam Perry Lang … damn, I cooked that steak the other day on my BBQ … so good!) … I want to see these cars, not just hear about them. If someone is showing off their car, grab a fricking camera and tape it while you’re recording the podcast! A photo is not enough.

    Other than that … great podcast! Thanks, Ace!

  6. CarEnthusssse

    Yo. Thank you AceMan for doing both your podcast and your carcasts. So nice when you see someone who has made it big has not become a total blowhard and douchebag.

    The Russian Rapper

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