Mark and John Hotchkis, Gary Bobileff and Les Canaday

September 5, 2009

A big episode this week!

We start off with Mark and John Hotchkis who bring in their IMSA Porsche 962 as well as a Hotchkis prepared Dodge 1970 Challenger T/A. We then work our way to… well you guessed it more Lamborghini’s with renowned restorer Gary Bobileff. Adam, Sandy (The Professor) and Gary take a look at a rare 350GT interim Lambo as it undergoes a major restoration. Adam and the Professor take some Skype call. Actor Jerry O’Connell tells us about his first car (Possibly land yacht) the Buick Centurion. Then onto Classic Datsun with Les Canaday to take a look at Adam’s Paul Newman 350zx IMSA car.

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Bobileff Motorcar Video

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Quick Link to Hotchkis Brothers Porsche 962 and Challenger 340 T/A
Quick Link to Adam and Jerry Oโ€™Connell talk 1973 Buick Centurion
Quick Link to Adamโ€™s Paul Newman IMSA Nissan 300ZX

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32 thoughts on “Mark and John Hotchkis, Gary Bobileff and Les Canaday

    1. CarCast Post author

      Sadly I did do most of the work on integration on the player but not the player itself. Time is the problem due to a lot of changed in by moving the server to a new host.

  1. gordo

    where’s the link.

    You might know cars but a straight forward website isn’t possible?

    Where’s the download link?

    1. CarCast Post author

      Look in the above where it says ‘Download Link Here’ (In BOLD) click that to play or right click to save. Same as it has always been. The instant player is still broken due to the server change and will be a bit before it gets fixed.


      At the very top of the page in the click the link that says DOWNLOAD that will bring you to a page that has all the links for downloads.

  2. Mark - Chicago

    The audio version is great, but this podcast demands the jump to a video podcast. This baby could be transformed into the American Top Gear that should have happened.

    Love this and the daily AC Podcast!

    1. Jim Smith

      I like the podcast, but agree that all of these cars are eye candy as well and could no doubt be a TV show. It would be better than so many shows out there. BTW did Adam get my Z car collection poster that I sent out?


  3. Lew

    Hey the Carcast was great. I always thought that cars like the 962 were how “real” race cars should look and perform. The 962 sure sounded good, too! I love the details like the special parts; turning her over first for oil pressure, etc.

    1. CarCast Post author

      Jim –

      I asked the Weez and he said that he thinks it has arrived. I think it’s just waiting for Adam to pick it up.


  4. joegagan


    another great show guys. i alomst had a sexual experience when that fuckin porsche roared to life — wow.

    and dr lamborghini sounds like a very cool dude. really enjoyed hearing the inner workings of a high end restorer like that. he answered questions i have had in my head for YEARS> thanks adam, keep up the great work.

    sincerely ,joegagan

  5. Chet

    In one of these upcoming CarCasts could you devote a few seconds to explaining why it is that this Sandy Ganz is continually and ostentatiously referred to as “the Professor”? It’s very curious….

  6. jwagner354

    Make this a Videopodcast already. I would love to be able to follow along while i’m listening to it on the ipod.
    Love the show nevertheless! The best car show out there!

    1. CarCast Post author

      Thanks from the CarCast Crew . The Weez is getting the M4P stuff under control then we will likely start having a couple of feeds to do both original CarCast and the Video CarCast. Same for the ACP site. All time permitting ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. CarCast Post author

      Yep, borrowed ๐Ÿ™‚ It is usable but we need to put credit in the on the missing about page. BTW if you have something better we are always interested in the handy work of CarCast listeners. Will be putting up the Contact page shortly as well. BTW I will toss out a Plug for VLC as well, it is a great player!


  7. Russ - GoMotorBids

    Thanks for the mention, Adam! All of us in the office about crapped ourselves when we heard you drop that one. We love the CarCast and are glad you guys dig the collectibles we sent. Keep up the great work on what is by far the most entertaining car show around.

    Russ D., Doug H., Phil K, and all your friends & loyal listeners at GoMotorBids

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