8 thoughts on “BRE’s First Race Car

    1. Mahar

      I listened to it on podcast and watched the video.
      Was there any joke about Goodwood? (“My wife said that to me this morning”)
      I missed it.

      What a great way to die. Heart attack driving a classic racer on the track.

      1. CarCast Post author

        Could have been that Adam was just tossing out a comment the ‘If you had a ride at Goodwood…’, and Morton said that what an odd thing to say since he just got a call to drive a Scarab car at Goodwood. OR that Donny was out on the track with a few other folks as a fellow doing a victory burn out in a Cobra nearly wiped him out. Good times! I might actually have to watch it again 🙂

  1. Doug Campbell

    Great interview with some great stuff I’ve never heard from Pete before. John is such a humble unassuming guy… I wonder though – that’s the same t-shirt he wore to dinner Saturday night in Coronado. Was Shelby so damn cheap that John can only afford one t-shirt????

    PS – Nice drive at Coronado, except when you took Billy Pritchard out after he passed you. 🙂

  2. CarCast Post author

    Pete and John are both really nice guys, they are always have some interesting stories to tell as well. And was Shelby too cheap… You can answer that yourself!

    BTW I have the In-car-cam from the race (Coronado 9/26-9/27) and it seems that Bill cliped the baracade first, then looks like it got him the second time around ;). Me and the Weez will have the video going as soon as we get some sleep and recover from the weekend. It’s good stuff!


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