Mark and John Hotchkis, Gary Bobileff and Les Canaday

September 5, 2009

A big episode this week!

We start off with Mark and John Hotchkis who bring in their IMSA Porsche 962 as well as a Hotchkis prepared Dodge 1970 Challenger T/A. We then work our way to… well you guessed it more Lamborghini’s with renowned restorer Gary Bobileff. Adam, Sandy (The Professor) and Gary take a look at a rare 350GT interim Lambo as it undergoes a major restoration. Adam and the Professor take some Skype call. Actor Jerry O’Connell tells us about his first car (Possibly land yacht) the Buick Centurion. Then onto Classic Datsun with Les Canaday to take a look at Adam’s Paul Newman 350zx IMSA car.

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Quick Link to Hotchkis Brothers Porsche 962 and Challenger 340 T/A
Quick Link to Adam and Jerry O’Connell talk 1973 Buick Centurion
Quick Link to Adam’s Paul Newman IMSA Nissan 300ZX

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32 thoughts on “Mark and John Hotchkis, Gary Bobileff and Les Canaday

  1. Edward

    Another great show. Loved the sound of that 962. That cammy lope and and turbo whine is how a real racecar should sound. Was surprised that a 3.2 6-cyl redlined at 8K. I expected higher.

    1. carcast

      I always thought that the boxer 6’s in the Porsche’s would wind up higher as well. I have seen some normally aspirated race 911’s and they all seem to be in that range. Some Porsche folks might chime in here. Given this car is blown with a ‘fair’ amount of boost might also be a reliability thing. One of my favorite sounds is the air cooled 6’s murmuring when they are downshifting at the track. I’ll say it – ‘Murmur that bitch’ if you drive a Porsche. what a great sound, only topped by the 917’s


      1. Phil Garner

        Most early Porsches used for racing that had 10k tachs, and could use them (914-6GT/ 911R/RSR etc) . I guess in the case of the 962 you just don’t need massive revs when you have big boost.

  2. Sam K

    One of my favorite cars ever built. I enjoyed the hell out of this car cast! Thanks guys!

    1. CarCast Post author

      Sam –

      Good news is we have another friend of the show that has 2 962’s and we will get them going on the show at some point. One of them was out at the track a few months back and it’s very cool. Check out the Pelican Parts Forums as I stuck a couple of video cameras on the 962 for a few of the runs, not sure what they put up but still cool to get the 962 out on the track.


  3. Spencer Vogel

    Guy puts super hot sauce in girlfriends sushi – burns worse and worse.. he’s laughing, she’s not.. gotta feel for this really good looking chic though –

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