Datsun, Museum and SEMA Part I

December 3, 2010

Adam Carolla rolls down to San Diego area and makes a couple of stops, he hits Symboilic Motors in La Jolla to check out yet another Paul Newman’s 1987 300zx 2+2 race cars. After the quick visit to Symbolic Motors Adam heads on down to the San Diego Automotive Museum check out his own Paul Newman race car and a few of the historic Datsun and Nissan cars on display. The next segment brings part I of the SEMA show where Sandy Ganz and Motorator Matt make the trek to Las Vegas and talk to folks including – Ring Brothers, Flowmaster, Liquid Wrench, Steve Strope and Bodie Stroud. We wrap up with this weeks tech tool tip, “Tapping and You”. Enjoy the show!

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Show Links

Symbolic Motors
Flowmaster Mufflers
San Diego Automotive Museum
Liquid Wrench
Steve Strope’s Purevision Design
BS Hot Rids by Bodie Stroud

Image Gallery

The images for SEMA are for Parts I and II

**Pictures of tech tool segment are on the last page of the image gallery
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Episode Videos



San Diego Automotive Museum


Tech Tool Tip – “Tapping and You”


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14 thoughts on “Datsun, Museum and SEMA Part I

  1. Alien Drive By

    would be really nice to have pictures that are somewhat sync’d to the podcast. Really annoying to hunt thru the pictures.. What about embedding the photos into the podcast so they are automagically displayed in Itunes?

    1. CarCast Post author

      Watch the videos that are posted, it’s a better way to go. They were a tick late due to having to restart the uploads late last night.

      The pictures for shows like SEMA, Pebble Beach and other larger shows take way too much time and often are not what is mentioned in the podcast in some cases. But they are there for you to check out if you want to. Otherwise they are generally in the order of the show but not exactly. Again, shows like SEMA their are just too many photos to organize and many are just shots of what’s going on.

      The Videos are close to following the audio for each segment and tell the story. You can now watch them on your non-compatible Apple device (If you are on one) as well since YouTube now takes care of that issue now.

      Embedding photo’s are also a problem since that would require another feed that is not MP3 comparable so if we did embed photos would would have to use a non standard Apple stream which is not in the cards or create a second one which we currently don’t have time to edit up yet more content.


      1. Shane

        appreciate the effort you guys put in for all the podcasts.
        post editing is time consuming without even getting fancy.


  2. Jayson Lepper

    Cool LAWMAN Mustang, but someone ought to have his or her ass removed for what they did to the Veyron.

    1. CarCast Post author

      Always some good and bad cars at the show. Some are so awful you aren’t sure what the builder was thinking other then he wanted some 28’s on the car…

      The Lawman car is Goldberg’s car and we are going to try to head out to his place to check out his collection.


  3. Pete

    “Keep the air in the spare and the tire on the wheel” – Sandy. Who doesn’t love a funny outtake?

    I love these tech tips you’ve added to the show. They’re very informative and helpful.

  4. TheOtherShane

    I think you got your prices a bit wrong in the tech tool tip video Sandy. I was interested in the tap guide so went to Enco to have a look. Looks like the large spindle hand tapper is $237, and the USA made hand aligner is $72. Inflation, it’s a killer.


    1. CarCast Post author

      You might have been looking at the quality version, I think the hand tapper might have been in the 50 buck range and the bench version was in the 100 buck range. It’s been a couple of years, but the bench mount one seems way pricey for what I paid. Also you can almost always get a 15 or 20% coupon on prices from Enco if you subscribe to the newsletters. Damn inflation. I would get them both again as they have been really helpful in doing a nice job with tapping material. I used the bench mount for tapping some 3/8″ steel for brake caliper brackets I made and it worked out really well.

      Any-a-ways, check out this like, this is more inline what I paid when I got the stuff –


  5. Steve


    Nice piece on tapping. For aluminum, I always use forming taps. No chips are created since the metal is pushed into the thread form. However, forming taps use a different size drill then cutting taps.


    1. CarCast Post author

      I have a couple of forming taps, but never use them that much. I think they are only good in softer metal but not sure. It also seems odd when working with them that you don’t get chips 😉


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