BBS Wheels, SEMA Part II

December 10, 2010

Adam Carolla takes a visit to BBS Wheels in Atlanta and gets a quick tour while they build him some wheels. The next segment brings part II of the SEMA show where Sandy Ganz and Motorator Matt finish off coverage of the Las Vegas show. They talk to folks including – GM Performance, Ford Racing, Stoptech Brakes, and Comp Performance Group. We wrap up with this weeks CarCast tech tool tip, “Drilling, Boring and You”. Enjoy the show!

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SEMA Links
GM Performance Parts
Ford Racing
Stoptech Brakes
Comp Performance Group

Tools Mentioned
Blair Equipment
General Tools

Image Gallery

The images for SEMA are for Parts I and II

**Pictures of tech tool segment are on pages 5 and 6 of the image gallery
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Episode Videos

Adam Carolla at BBS Wheels




Tech Tool Tip – “Drilling, Boring and You”


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14 thoughts on “BBS Wheels, SEMA Part II

  1. big jim

    Great episode! My pops (who’s not a gearhead) just bought a Camry with BBS rims, so he’s going to get a kick out of knowing he’s got some of the best rims in the world.
    And that pic of Adam posing with his vintage gold rim is priceless…the way his face lit up, you’d think he was holding an Oscar/Peabody/his son. Great stuff as always, guys!

  2. Pete

    Driven past that place next to Road Atlanta about 100 times. Thanks for finally giving me a look inside.

  3. Ellis

    Apart from being another great, funny, and informative show, new favorite moment was,
    “Wait, don’t you guys own a tuning company?”
    “Check, Matt!” (score!)
    How Sandy & Matt grill those dudes – priceless.
    And Chris, good sport.
    Now I feel guilty for watching, having not paid for a ticket.
    Solution: CarCast DVD – With out-takes (which I know will kick ‘nuclear’ ass)
    Thanks, m8s!

    1. Mauti

      If a CarCst DVD with out-takes came out i would buy atleast 8 of the first season. The professor must take a look-see at this. It would be nuts. Absolutely nuts!

  4. WILL

    I love that Sandy stresses the importance of gloves and eye protection . . . and then fails to put them on.

    Great show guys, loved the outtakes at the end as well.

  5. Suby Frank

    Good show guys!

    I have to be honest though, that guy from the Ford Fiesta line was abnoxious as could be. The whole BBS portion was fantastic and it was great to see the CH-R, that design has always been a favorite of mine but I hated the weight of the original wheel. CH-R is the perfect solution!

    Sandy- when are you going to do an update on the Cobra project?

    1. CarCast Post author

      The VSE Cobra was next up for some transmission work but due to the pull of the engine on The Ripper, that’s a bit on hold until it gets back in. The motor went out yesterday (12/13) to the shop, and it should be torn down tomorrow. Will see WTF is going on. So far looks like a rod bearing, but the oil issue is another problem will have to wait and see…


  6. KrisS

    This podcast is starting to remind me of the later years of Hawaii Five-O or Gunsmoke where Jack Lord or James Arness would put in a spot appearance during the opening minute and then go MIA for the rest of the show. Sandy does his best to carry the show during Ace’s increasingly frequent absences but his “Tool Time” segments are just not very interesting. This is the Ace’s show. Bring back the Ace!

  7. Daniel

    Was the Ford Fiesta guy at 37 minutes retarded? “let me start with with the car, which is, Fiesta…” He sounded like a mixture of Deaf Frat Guy and Christopher Walken.

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