Danny Trejo & His 1952 Chevy Truck

December 8, 2012

Actor Danny Trejo has been in movies like Machete and Death Race 2. He tells us how he went from being a drug addict and criminal to being one of the most recognizable characters in the movies. Danny brings us his mildly customized 1952 Chevy pickup.

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Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana

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12 thoughts on “Danny Trejo & His 1952 Chevy Truck

  1. Tyler Durden

    Ace, your analogy of the irregular – yet effective – golf swing… to Danny Trejo’s acting abilities was amazing.

    You are truly gifted — giving us ‘pearls of wisdom’ in every one of your offerings!

    Thanks for making my day!

    Take care, Tyler

  2. Tim Hillsamer

    I’ve been watching Danny Trejo(never knew his name before now…) for most of my life, in all manner of roles. Most recently, I watched him play “El tortuga” in the Breaking Bad series. Not normally a TV watcher since I finished highschool, I got hooked on this series via Netflix and it was no surprise to see him make a guest appearance on it. It’s a melting pot of talent, and no one could have played his character better on that show than Mr. Trejo. I had no idea he was into cars, although it seems to be a gene common to the hardcore sort like himself. Great show, even if it was less about cars than usual, and enlightening to say the least. Very cool people, very cool analogies(as usual) and a very cool podcast. Thanks!

  3. Russ D.

    What a good guy Trejo is. Always liked his movies but have never gotten to hear a decent interview with him, until now. Love the tri-bar headlights on his truck.

  4. Foley

    Great Truck, Great Guest, Great Show!!

    I always liked Trejo’s characters on TV and movies, but now I like his personality as well. He reminds me of Adam in that he stayed cool after making it rich and did not turn into a douche bag.

    I also think he should be on ACS a bit down the road….he is an interesting cat.

  5. Gary

    Best show ever!! He needs to be on ACS once a week! I have so many questions for him, from working with Larry the cable guy to SOA. Does he ride a Harley? I could go on and on !

  6. FedUp In Mesa

    I just watched “Bad Ass.” Picked it up off the shelf because of Danny Trejo. When I lived in Southern California I had friends that grew up in “connected” but trying to get out. Because I looked like one of them I was immediately indoctrinated. I was untouchable which made me feel safe, while I helped my beloved friends find a new life. To Danny and all of the others that turned lemons into lemonade or pigs into sausage. I personally thank you for your contribution.

  7. Enzo

    It’s actually an Edelbrock Carb, (a version of a Carter AFB or AVS) and not a true Weber. Edelbrock ended up with the Carter Carb tooling after Weber bought Carter Carbs some years back. In the Edelborck car cast they tell a more detailed version of the story. Way cool truck.

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