The Bruce Meyer Collection

December 15, 2012

Car enthusiast Bruce Meyer gives us a tour of his amazing car and motorcycle collection. He has a wide variety of cars, from hot rods to a gull wing Mercedes to a hemi-powered drag racer to the famous So-Cal Speed Shop belly tank.

Show Credits

Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana



California Highway Patrol 11-99 Foundation
Petersen Automotive Museum

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16 thoughts on “The Bruce Meyer Collection

  1. edebolt

    That video clip of the museum.. Just about the best 40 mins I can remember… Pure magic. Thanks Aceman and Matt!

  2. Hugh

    Who wants a house, I could live in that garage for the rest of my life.

    I’d Do Anything for These Cars (But I Won’t Do That)

  3. Marc

    Bruce is a true “Gear head” and as a fan I really appreciate the fact he shares his passion and collection. With his diverse collection, he usually has a car at the concourse as well as the smaller “hot rod” and local events. The world needs more “Bruce Meyer’s”…

  4. chuck goolsbee

    What an awesome collection – eclectic, but hitting all the high points! Thanks for sharing.

    @Greg Birch: Ping me if you’re ever in central Oregon… we’ll go for a drive in my E-type. 😉


  5. ChicagoCarollaFan

    One of the most interesting car related videos I have ever seen, thanks to CarCast for shooting this.

    1. Rex Montana

      Density-wise, yes he does; there are more (in number) amazing cars in that room than you could imagine.

      I don’t think he would appreciate that though, not that sort of appreciation.

      “Best” is a dumb word.

  6. Ethan Snyder

    Thank you for sharing this amazing tour. Gotta love how Adam brings up Newman’s Z31 racecar at the end…!

  7. Rex Montana

    I usually make snide remarks, but I am bettered by this. So not today. No silly snide comments today.

    This was better than anything in Jay’s garage b/c the cars were obviously higher quality, an overwhelming quality; the collection has focus.

    One common denominator to the collection was the adjective “lithe”. I was stunned by that. The Ferrari he showed after the Cobra was hypnotic. “Small hips” he said.

    Let’s pretend there is a Sports Car Museum for the “people”. No BS, just sports cars, light, sweet, sports cars — amazing pieces of machinery and your price to ride is: $500 for 2 minutes in the parking lot.

    (Of course they would steal it. Of course they would. It would never work.)
    Share your wealth with fellow enthusiasts.

    Good job. Thanks.

    1. Rex Montana

      I like how Adam corrected himself. Audi are the people making diesel racers today, not peugeot, which sounds like a thank-you fart.

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