Tommy Kendall

August 5, 2011

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Show Summary

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz have special guest Tommy Kendall in the studio today. If you want to find out who he is and more about his successful racing career then you might want to listen in to the excellent conversation. Tommy brings in his fresh off Mercedes AMG CLS 63 Twin Turbo for a closer look.

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Follow Tommy on his twitter account at @TommyKendall11


Tommy Kendall’s AMG CLS 63


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10 thoughts on “Tommy Kendall

  1. Sam

    Hey, I’m not sure where else I should ask this question but I want to call in to the car cast when you guys take questions from the audience. When can I do that or know when you guys are going to do it again? thanks

    1. WILL

      The easiest way to find this out would be to follow CarCast on Twitter. They always send out a tweet when they are taking calls.

  2. mnoswad1

    No link to the Tommy Kendall accident video? Yes…..i can use google myself…..but still.

    Always thought Tommy’s show was a good watch with a unique format.

    Another good show though…..thanks.

  3. big jim

    Ha, Tommy Kendall may look like Jim Gaffigan, but he sounds like Bruce Campbell.
    “This…is my boom stick!”

  4. Ford Prefect

    I like this car, elegant and exciting but restrained. It’s simple, but with enough “bling” here-and-there to remind us it’s something special.

    The Harley dealer in my town parks his the highway so everyone can see it. (I assume it’s the owner’s car, because it’s always parked there, by the front door, long after the shop is closed.) The road is rising at that point, so you see the car in profile, and looking up.

    That’s the best part of this car, its profile.

    I applaud GM for doing something different and trying to make Cadillac special by being less “GM-ey”, but this is what a modern Cadillac should look like.

    1. Ford Prefect

      Missed a “by” as in “he parks his by”. Also, one could argue “simple == restrained” but not always — the Pontiac Aztec, for example, is simple. To paraphrase Einstein, things should be as simple as possible, but not more.

  5. Brian Woodahl

    The Tommy Kendall podcast was one of the best! I really enjoyed it but I never realized the extent of Tommy’s wreck and injury until discussed on the show. Adam maybe should give up on vintage racing.

  6. DrewX

    Another great CarCast.
    Was there a bit of added sound effect when Tommy was telling the story of backfiring the RX-4 wagon? He did the whole “BOWWwwww” sound but it sounded crazy! I think I’m trippin’ out.

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