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Steve Strope / 1972 Twin Turbo Camaro

March 21, 2014

Steve brings us a 1972 Twin Turbo Camaro designed by his company, Pure Vision Design. He has modified it into a grand touring car, adding European touches inspired by Aston Martin. With a lot of finessing, Steve somehow manages to have it all makes sense.


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Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana


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Gale Banks – The Godfather of Turbocharging

April 22, 2011

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Show Summary

Professor Sandy Ganz and Motorator Matt D’Andria make a visit Gale Banks Engineering in Azusa, CA. Gale give them deluxe 50 cent tour of his shop and show just about everything that is going on at Banks Engineering, from his military projects, Diesel dragster, marine projects, Jay Leno’s tank car and a wrap up with his Bonneville salt flat racer engine that we catch a pull on the Dyno.

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Check out Gale’s website where you can find products for Gas and Diesel trucks, and much more. Also check out his Insider News section for new products and news from Banks Engineering! His site link can be found right here www.BanksPower.com


Gale Banks, Banks Engineering


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