Steve Strope / 1972 Twin Turbo Camaro

March 21, 2014

Steve brings us a 1972 Twin Turbo Camaro designed by his company, Pure Vision Design. He has modified it into a grand touring car, adding European touches inspired by Aston Martin. With a lot of finessing, Steve somehow manages to have it all makes sense.

Show Credits

Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana


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5 thoughts on “Steve Strope / 1972 Twin Turbo Camaro

  1. Barry Soetorro

    I like it. The coloor is a stock ’70 one or close to it. Next, Steve should take a Porsche Cayman and put a an exact replica Miura body on it. Somebody should do it.

  2. Branigan

    Great show guys. Its amazing to see what passion and ingenuity can do to an american classic.

  3. Eric

    It’s a ” Murderer’s car ” according to Jeremy Clarson………nice ride but, I’ll stick to my favorite Chevy offering…….Corvette!

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