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Adrienne Janic of Overhaulin’

October 25, 2014

TV host and car enthusiast Adrienne Janic comes by and tells how she became a car gal. She talks about her customized cars and also previews the highlights of the new season of Overhaulin’ on Velocity. Then we check out her amazing ’68 Firebird, customized by Year One. And we surprise Adam with a new carbon fiber drive shaft, courtesy of DriveShaftShop.com!

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Bud Brutsman

March 5, 2011

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Show Summary

Adam Carolla and the Professor Sandy Ganz have Bud Brutsman on the show. Bud is the producer of many great Automotive TV shows including Rides, Overhaulin’, Hot Rod TV and many many more. We chat about one of his shows ‘American Trucker’ where they re-enact the Smokey and the Bandit Beer run. Then we jump outside to take a look at the Year One recreation Trans Am. Our Featured Car of the week is actually the Big Oly Bronco Trophy Truck which is owned by Marshall Madruga.

Show Links

Bud Brustman’s website is at www.bciitv.com

Year One Muscle Car parts www.yearone.com

Marshall Madragua’s Big Oly website is at www.BigOly.com

Troy Bowen at Ford Performance Solutions www.f-p-s.com


Year One Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am


Marshall Madruga’s Big Oly Trophy Truck


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Jim Wangers

November 26, 2009

Adam and Jim Wangers talk old school GTO and move into the future with the Jim Wangers Signature Edition Judge GTO. We fire up the 680hp Injected Pontiac and listen to the music. Adam and Sandy pickup some phone calls and find out that sometimes we get the shaft when it comes to cool cars, bubbly tires and dealer trouble all add up to some good conversations. Then onto celebrity cars with Comedian Richard Belzer.

Check out more GTO info at GeeTOTiger

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Quick Link to Jim Wangers Signature GTO
Quick Link to Richard Belzer’s First Car
Quick Link to Vic Edelbrock

GTO Takes a Beating

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Jim Wangers Signature Judge GTO

November 25, 2009

Adam and Jim take a look at his modern day incarnation of the Judge GTO. A healthy 505 cubic inch Pontiac mill at 680hp might just do the trick. It’s odd that you would find a Pontiac painted in Chevrolet orange, but it looks good, but ‘Judge’ for yourself.

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Quick Link to Jim Wangers
Quick Link to Richard Belzer’s First Car
Quick Link to Vic Edelbrock

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