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1951 Chevy 3100 Pickup Truck

October 22, 2010

Harold Osmer brings in his work truck, a 1951 Chevrolet 3100 that has been decorated with many automotive and racing stickers as a way to avoid doing some extra body work and save some bucks. Ends up being the perfect vintage truck to help promote his vintage racing books.

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Harold Osmer’s 1951 Chevy Truck Video

Andrew Farah

December 3, 2009

Adam Carolla and Andrew Farah talk Chevrolet Volt. They get into the details of the new platform as well as take her for a spin. Back to the Lambo’s with Amgad’s 1984 Lamborghini Countach S. This week on user calls and we talk about imported cars that we can’t have then pop to the Bubble Boy. Special guest Christoph Waltz from Inglourious Bastards tells us about his first couple of rides. Enjoy!

Check out more GTO info at Chevrolet Voltage

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Herb Adam’s VSE Cobra

October 31, 2009

The Professor gets to show of one of his cars. He brings out his VSE Cobra. This car features an all aluminum monocoque chassis, Big Block aluminum CHEVROLET, it just ends up having a Cobra body. We take a look and fire up the stock’ish 468 Chevrolet, well all 701hp worth…

Some specs –

The Motor:
Chevrolet 468 Aluminum Block, Aluminum Heads, Forged Crank, Billet Rods, Mechanical Roller Cam, 12:1 CR, AccuSump, Jessel Belt Drive, RaceMate Alternator/Waterpump


Older Doug Nash 5 Speed, 1:1 Final Drive, Tilton bell housing, 7.25″ dual disc ceramic clutch pack


Herb Adam’s VSE Aluminum Backbone frame (Monocoque)

Custom independent front geometry
S.C.P. Ford 9″ full floating axle, Strange Engineering 3.89 R&P
Coil overs 4 corners

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Video of the Professors Cobra

Tom Nelson of Nelson Racing Engines

September 24, 2009

Adam Carolla and Tom Nelson, and Sandy talk big twin turbo horsepower. Tom Nelson noted engine and car builder has been working on cars with over the 2000hp range that you can drive every day. Tom and his crew brave the 100 degree weather and bring a couple of Camaros. How about a 2000hp 1969 street driven car as well as the F-Bomb Camaro which was built for David Freiburger, Cheif Editor of Hot Rod Magazine. Adam and Sandy take a listener email and help a guy out. Adam checks out at an ultra rare Bizzarrini 5300GT at the Palos Verdes Car show. And yet another episode of Movie Muffs and Armageddon. Finally the wrap up with Dr. Drew’s first car.

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Movie Muffs

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