9 thoughts on “Chevrolet Volt

  1. Locotiki

    Why do all car mfg’s feel the need to put a digital dash readout on all electric cars? If we are going to go back to the mid 80’s there is other cooler stuff to bring back. Mid 80’s Mazda.

    This is a great looking car.. on the outside. Don’t like the interior all that much. Love the idea of the electric/generator vs. typical hybrid.

    Like I said, I do like styling but few things… looks like a Ford Fusion front end with a Prius/Insite/CRX rear end… weird low glass hatch. I’m sure it’s for areo reasons but…..

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  3. Mark

    I like how Adam was pretty interested and entertained by this car even though it’s very different from the other feature cars.

    maybe in the future CarCast can do comparisons….. once this drops it’d be cool to see how it compares
    to other “green” cars. which one would Adam like most?

    Yes I consider the new diesels to be Green cars
    and I think that Adam might choose the Audi/VW TDI.

  4. Kip Amore

    Time to make a prediction: the Volt will be a smash runaway hit like the Prius. I’m impressed. I’ve pondered what GM would do with the little things on this car, and they got them ALL right. Interlock for the AC plug, charge indicator visible from the outside, flashlight in the socket, brake-by-wire for the regen. It’s a taste thing, but I think the ipod white plastic stack is a winner. People will balk at the 40k price (32k with tax credit) until the salesman tells them it will save $1000-1500 per year on gas. Even the charge time is better than I thought it would be. Very very well done all around.

    The only negative for the Volt I can see is they didn’t make it radical enough in terms of the styling. It does look fairly generic, and the treehuggers that buy it basically only buy it so you can see their eco-cred. But I think it’s going to be one of those cars that’s distinct when you see it in person.

    I’m of the mind that if the American public doesn’t buy this thing in droves it’s because we are stupid morons. It’s genius. And GM got there WAY ahead of the asians or the germans. My flag is waving!

  5. Billy

    Nice car! Wouldn’t mind have one of those as a daily driver so I can afford the gas guzzler on the weekends! Overall, IMO it looks a hell of a lot better then the other hybrids on the market though like previously mentioned the interior I think is lacking. Again I have not been inside one but I think that I would prefer to have buttons that actually recessed when being pushed. Its just like my iphone, its a great phone but I would still rather have actually buttons to push.

  6. MIke

    The Volt is great, but seriously this country should go diesel first. A VW Jetta TDI gets like 41 mpg for a lot less $$$. A Gale Banks tweeked engine in any GM product would be frigg’n awesome from the word GO! $32k would get a diesel car that has 0-60 in under 7 seconds.

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  8. Peter J.

    I read in the newspaper that dealers are charging 10,000 to 20,000 dollars more for the chevy volt because of heavy demand and limited supply. Also they are listing them as used with 10 miles on them so that they collect the $7500.00 government rebate. The buyer gets nothing. This is all over but also noted in Glendale, CA. Beware!

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