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Dinan M3

February 19, 2010

Adam, Sandy and Steve Dinan take a look at his latest creation. This stroked M3 puts down 527hp without turbos or a blower! This car is a daily driver, with many subtle changes that add increased performance, handling and looks which is all the magic you get when Dinan does a car.

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Dan Edmunds

October 31, 2009

Adam Carolla and Dan Edmunds of Edmunds.com talk about what’s new in Cars. Adam tries to figure out what car to lease next, and why can’t he have a car with a automatic interior cooling fan! We roll out to to check out the Mini-E and a Nissan 370z that Dan brings in. We pitstop for a quick chat with Adam and legend Rick Hendrick of NASCAR fame. Then a rare opportunity opens up for the Professor to Show his VSE Cobra and then we fire the beast up. Finally and We wrap with Jeff Ross’s First Car.

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Mini-E and 370Z

October 31, 2009

Adam and Dan take a look at two very different cars. First is the Mini-E, an all electric car that you can lease from BMW, good performance in the nice Mini packaging but at a bit of a price. The next car they look at is the splendid 370Z. The car boasts larger engine, more HP, and some slick electronics to make the ‘Z’ car a top performer as well as a good value.

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1989 BMW E30 M3

October 24, 2009

Adam is on a roll, he unearths yet another gem from the collection, his 1989 BMW M3. You might be asking yourself “wait, is that two cars in a row that are German” Yep, seems we are on a roll. And as we say here at CarCast “Bitte Füllen Sie bitte den Tank”

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Video of the 1989 BMW E30 M3

Adam and Jay Leno II

August 7, 2009

Adam and Jay fire it up for Part II. They discuss a wide variety of cars in this episode, from Jay’s Garage Find Duesenberg to his McLaren F1. Ace and Professor Ganz take a couple of Skype calls in the mix. Jeff Garlin tells us about his first ride. And Jason Calacanis brings in his wicked fast Tesla Roadster. Scroll down for pictures and a short video. Enjoy the Show.

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Cars Mentioned in this CarCast…

Adam Getting the Shaft at the Auction


Alonzo Bodden BMW X6

July 18, 2009

Alonzo’s current ride included his new BMW X6 SAC (Sports Activity Coupe). It was a bit rainy the day of the CarCast, but it cleared up enough to do a walk around the X6.