Mini-E and 370Z

October 31, 2009

Adam and Dan take a look at two very different cars. First is the Mini-E, an all electric car that you can lease from BMW, good performance in the nice Mini packaging but at a bit of a price. The next car they look at is the splendid 370Z. The car boasts larger engine, more HP, and some slick electronics to make the ‘Z’ car a top performer as well as a good value.

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11 thoughts on “Mini-E and 370Z

  1. Steve

    I work for a city here in Southern California and we have a small fleet of those exact Minis. They are really nice cars but the main problem we have had is that they are very quiet. A few times we have had people walk in front of the cars because they didnt hear the sound of an engine. But otherwise they are pretty cool little cars!

    1. CarCast Post author

      They are, except for the monthly lease price, seemed a but high but don’t know all the details.

      BTW, The solution to the sound problem is to put playing cards on the spokes 🙂


    2. Ian

      Geez I hope California doesn’t start passing more mommy-hold-my-hand-nanny bills to have noise ADDED to quiet cars. What kind of a moronic thing would that be?? That’s like having a noise pollution free city and some idiot proposes the sound of jackhammers being played on loudspeakers because it would just be too quiet otherwise.

      Maybe people need to take responsibility for THEMSELVES and take a fraction of a second out of their day and LOOK both ways like they taught you when you were a kiddie. Sheeesh… Why is it you never hear about deaf people having trouble walking in front of cars????

      1. CarCast Post author

        No, you have it all wrong, they will pass a bill to make regular cars quieter… An I totally agree that people should take responsibility for their dumb-assed actions…


  2. Greg

    Ace of spades in the spokes (couple more horses with the Ace) where do you clip the clothes pin?

    Mini’s should leak a little oil and smell like wet Yak hair when you get in. I don’t think I would like an E.

  3. Sam Vance

    The 370Z has 332hp and 270 lb ft torque. The Nismo version has 350 hp and 276 lb ft torque. The 350Z had 306 or 309 hp. Although, I have seen a 350 souped up to 625 hp before. But that is just insane with how short the wheelbase is on those… Oh, they also shaved about 300lbs off of the curb weight for the 370Z and shortened the wheelbase.

  4. Taylor

    After driving a Mini with a turbo and hearing the beautiful whistle as you fly along, i would be hard pressed to want a silent version of the same car.

    1. CarCast Post author

      Yeah. I was in a Toyota Hybrid the other day and very irritating not to have the soothing sound of the gas engine going.


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