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Mini-E and 370Z

October 31, 2009

Adam and Dan take a look at two very different cars. First is the Mini-E, an all electric car that you can lease from BMW, good performance in the nice Mini packaging but at a bit of a price. The next car they look at is the splendid 370Z. The car boasts larger engine, more HP, and some slick electronics to make the ‘Z’ car a top performer as well as a good value.

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Guest Car Video

Christopher Titus

July 24, 2009

Ace and comedian Christopher Titus discuss who builds a better sport car, the Europeans or the Americans. Titus also tells us about how he wrecked his Viper, and of course Ace and the Professor take Skype Calls and talk about investor cars. Then we take a trip down memory lane in Cheryl Hines’ very first car.

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