CarCast Pebble Beach Road Trip *NEW VIDEOS*

August 29, 2009

Adam, Sandy, Don and David hit the road for Pebble Beach and the Monterey Historics. This is just the audio section, we will have more of this even shortly. The show starts with the drive up and a variety of guests including Pete Brock of BRE fame. We catch up with some folks from the Peterson Automotive museum and chat about Elvis Pressley’s shot up Pantera. All good times, and lets not forget the delicious cheese and wine…

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Some Images from the weekend…

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Pebble Beach Part 1

Pebble Beach Part 2

Pebble Beach Part 3

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57 thoughts on “CarCast Pebble Beach Road Trip *NEW VIDEOS*

  1. Robert Anderson


    Thank you for bringing us this outstanding PodCast. For a Motorsports nut like myself, as well as a HUGE AceMan fan, this is double the pleasure! One idea: next year, you could have a contest or an auction where someone could bid for the right to follow you and the boys around the pits and be a fly on the wall for the day, watching and enjoying the interviews, races, etc. I would have given anything to be there, and I think there are others with a similar desire and love of cars. Bald Bryan could have been the recipient! Just a thought.

    Keep up the great work! I have turned many buds onto both podcasts.

  2. BRIAN

    Ace, I went to the Historic’s about 12 years ago when M-B and Auto Union were the featured marques. I thought the highlight of the day was when Juan Fangio JR. (i’m sure youv’e heard of his dad, probably the winningest GP driver of all time) , hot lapped one of two remaining Mercedes factory GP cars from the late 1930’s. These cars absolutely dominated everything else back then. The M-B and A-U were 40 to 50 MPH faster than the competition on a long straightaway.. Unheard of in today’s world. Some amazing features of these cars were, double overhead cams, the A-U was RWD, F.I., the list goes on..also there were some nasty pony cars on hand, as well as the few remaining GS Vettes, and some way cool full race Gullwing’s.. GOOD TIMES

  3. Kurt


    Great Pebble Beach videos! The interview with Peter Brock was a treat too. Thanks for focusing on sports cars and race cars from the 50s to early 70s. That time period has to be the most visceral era of racing and design.

  4. kurt

    He who laughs last…..

    That from a man who sells stocks and bonds. You’re wrong, y’know. But you’re so, so right. Thanks for the ride-along. One of my big regrets was not getting up there to the Monterey Historics back in the 80’s when it was still “doable.” I guess Porsche’s PanAmera was all over the place. Flew 30 of them basterds in for the show. Ah, to be a celebrity….

  5. Andy

    I’m blown away by the quality of these videos. Apart from the sound, this could easily have been a broadcast show. The fact that this was produced by one presenter and one videographer / editor is amazing. Highly entertaining.

  6. carbon fiber diet

    Appreciating the videos, all the photos, and all the work you folks put into recording this meet.
    Sound quality is easily remedied with a pair of good headphones or adjusting an EQ appropriately.
    I am left astounded by the stats Adam mentioned regarding the Porsche 917/10-or was that a 917/20?
    That is now my favorite racecar of all time (thanks, Aceman)!

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