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Mercedes EQS + Update on 510 & Union Talk

October 22, 2021

Adam and Matt are both here for this episode of Car Cast. The guys open up the show talking about the LA Auto Show coming up in November. Next they get into a discussion about electric trucks and how the silence of the electric engine may add to the experience of taking a truck out into nature. Next, they try to decide if they think that the new Mercedes EQS is good-looking or not. They finish out the show with some Union talk and give an update on Adam’s 510.

“Dino” Martin’s P3 & New Ferrari Supercar

October 15, 2021

Adam and Matt are both here for this episode of Car Cast. In this episode, the guys recap Sunday’s televised Mecum Auction. Matt talks about having an inside track on an Eleanor project. They talk about Chevelles being overrated. They get into the new Ferrari Supercar inspired by the 330 P4. Lastly, they get into Dean Martin’s son’s Ferrari P3.

Donald Osborne on Audrain Newport Concours & Motor Week

October 1, 2021

Adam and Matt are here for this week’s episode of Car Cast. The guys kick off the show by recapping Matt’s weekend at the Long Beach Grand Prix. They talk Indy Car lap times vs Formula Atlantic lap times. They get into one of the more scary Indy Car crashes and discuss the titanium halos that are now standard. Lastly, they welcome writer, historian, appraiser, & CEO Donald Osborne. Donald previews Audrain Newport Concours & Motor Week and answers questions for the guys.

Justin Bell & Tommy Kendall (Hosts of The Torque Show)

September 24, 2021

Matt is here and Adam is on the phone for this episode of Car Cast. Tommy Kendall and Justin Bell of the Torque Adam and Matt are joined in the studio by Tommy Kendall and Justin Bell for this episode of Car Cast. Adam is out of the studio for the beginning of this show but phones in from the road. The fellas kick off the show talking about the Barrett-Jackson auction that just took place in Texas. Specifically, they get into Tom Cruz’s 928 from Risky Business which sold for a crazy and unexpected 2 million dollars. Tommy and Justin then get into the origins of The Torque Show and their meteoric rise in the media landscape. They then talk about being chosen to provide exclusive coverage at Pebble Beach this year. Lastly, Adam arrives at the Studio in time to say Hi to Tommy and Kendall before playing the hypothetical stoplight game with Intern Ryan.

Chris Kersting (CEO/President of SEMA)

September 17, 2021

Adam and Matt are both here for this week’s episode of CarCast. This week they are joined by Chris Kersting, CEO/President of SEMA, to talk about this year’s SEMA Show. They kick off the podcast talking about the history of SEMA and how it got started. They then get into this year’s SEMA Show and Chris runs down all the slight changes that will allow the show to run at near full capacity. Adam and Matt then ask Chris about his automative projects and Chris talks about his ambitions to trick out both an old Ford Raptor as well and an International Travelall wagon from the 60’s. The show ends with the guys talking about their excitement and extra appreciation for the SEMA Show after it was taken away from everyone last year.

TRX Mammoth + Porsche Mission R & Tesla Plaid’s Yoke

September 10, 2021

Adam and Matt kick off the show talking about Matt’s experience driving the stock Ram TRX. Matt also messed around with John Hennessey’s “Mammoth” TRX that comes with 250 extra horsepower. Matt explains how crazy fun the TRX is. Adam then reminisces on some of his old racing videos before getting into a general Volkswagen discussion where they spoke on the Passat and the Jetta. The guys dig into the Porsche Mission R Concept car. Last, they talk about the Model S Plaid’s crazy performance and its equally crazy steering wheel.

Tony Begley On Lance Reventlow’s 1962 Shelby Cobra

September 3, 2021

Adam and Matt kick off talking about Matt’s experience with the new Lexus and how much he disliked the laptop-Esque trackpad. The two share their ergonomic frustrations with all the new cars moving further away from manual controls. Next Tony Begley joins the show to talk about the history behind his 1962 Lance Reventlow-Shelby Cobra. Lastly, Adam and Matt play the hypothetical stoplight game before ending the show with a little Ford Raptor Gen 3 talk.