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Pebble Auction Talk + New ZO6 Deep Dive & Matt’s New Mustang

July 23, 2021

Adam and Matt kick off the show talking about Matt’s new Mustang. They get into the Volkswagen ID.4 which leads them into a discussion on the mistakes car companies are making by “futurizing” the interior of all the electric versions. The guys talk about some of the cars that will be listed for Auction at Monterey including a 1995 McLaren F1 estimated at $15 million dollars. Lastly, they poke fun at Mike August’s car wrap and hit the most recent automotive news including the announcement of the new ZO6.

Monterey Run Groups + News From Shelby American & Electrification of American Cars

July 16, 2021

Adam and Matt kick off the show with some more insights into Monterey. They go through the run groups and try to figure out what types of cars everyone can expect to see at Laguna Seca. Then the guys get into some announcements from Shelby American that they will be putting their spin on a few cars such as the Ford Bronco. Lastly, the guys get into Dodge’s announcement that they will be releasing an all electric muscle car. They discuss what this may mean for the future of the Detroit auto industry.

Dan Gurney Doc + Last Hoorah For High Performance ICEs & Tesla Plaid Lawsuit

July 9, 2021

Adam and Matt kick off the show with an announcement from Nate Adams that they will be doing a Dan Gurney Documentary. Then Adam and Matt talk about their frustrations with the car sensors these days and Adam shares a story involving a spilled coffee and poor package delivery etiquette. Next, the guys play the hypothetical road trip game. They talk about a gold ’66 FERRARI 330 GT 2+2 that is at Gooding. Lastly they talk about the last of the high performance ICEs including the upcoming AMG.

Paul Walker’s F&F Toyota Supra + McLaren F1

June 18, 2021

Adam and Matt kick off the show talking about Matt going to Barrett-Jackson this weekend. They get into Paul Walker’s F&F car. Adam breaks down the difference in value when celebrity cars go to auctions versus when car celebrity cars go to auction. They get into the McLaren F1 being overvalued and they offer up some undervalued F1 cars. Lastly, Matt talks about driving Tiger Woods’ Genesis and how the sales have sky rocketed since the accident.

Helio Castroneves (4x Indy 500 Winner)

June 4, 2021

Adam and Matt kick off the show talking about the Indy 500. They speculate on what happened with Graham Rahal’s tire. This leads to a conversation on the importance of the pit crew. They touch on James Dean’s transaxle selling to an interesting buyer. Next, they bring on the 4x Indy 500 Winner Helio Castroneves to break down his historic win in Indianapolis this past weekend. Lastly, they touch on the latest with Rimac’s Hypercar.