Steve Strope’s Petrol Charger

August 28, 2009

Well here it is, this is one of the baddest Dodge (as in you will want to put this Dodge in your garage) Chargers you will find. From it massive dual quad Hemi to the gigantic barrel sized tires in a style that has a European flavor built upon this brutal American muscle car.

Adam and Steve do a tour of the ‘Petrol Charger’, and maybe we start it up… You can check out Steve’s site at where he has many other fantastic cars.

Quick Link to Steve Strope
Quick Link to Eric Stromer’s First Car
Quick Link to Adam’s 350GT Lamborghini

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53 thoughts on “Steve Strope’s Petrol Charger

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  2. BeerGarage

    THANK YOU for the free automotive infotainment. Adam and Donny and Mike, thank you, please keep it up. Even with technical difficulties, we still tune in, en-masse!. If only those fat-cats in Hollywood would wise up and give us the CARolla Top Gear we so clearly desire!

    1. Bazarov

      Check out the podcast page where the photos are posted. Go to page 2 and you’ll see the car. I nearly fell out my chair when I saw that thing!

  3. don j

    donny’s going to get his ass handed to him for this one…
    no audio for me either, i doubt it’s my system

  4. CarCast Post author

    Hit it again. It was not a Weez thing. The upload was not complete when I posted the link to the video. Hopefully it is fixed.

    1. CarCast Post author

      JB what is your difficutly in finding what you need? Maybe I can help you understand a bit better how to use it.

      As an overview the main sliding images can be clicked to get you to ANY current weeks segments. Each post has QUICK links to others of the current week. If you want to hit a previous weeks segment just hit the box with the one of interest. The QUICK links are only on the last couple of posts.

  5. Goofaman

    Sweet, can’t wait to listen to this. I was gonna ask if you liked Steve’s work. I love his Ferrari inspired Dodge 515 GTB. He’s also a BADASS on bass. I was in a band with him for a while. Great guy.

  6. franny

    nice car and all but that thing doesnt have 500hp, very straight forward.. cool, but itd be way cooler if it wasnt a company that made it. very pimp my ride “esque” to me for some reason,..

  7. Rollie

    Like everything about this Mopar except the goofy Hemi Orange stripe, would look much more sinister without it.

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