Steve Dinan

February 19, 2010

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz talk with Steve Dinan. Dinan is the premier performance supplier of upgrades for your BMW (and Mini for that matter). We take a look at his Dinan modified M3 that puts down 527hp, without a blower! We take some calls and preach the fuel economy gospel and help a quench the thirst of an over carb’ed engine. Then the Aceman and Ganz take it on the road for a call to the brass at Ford, specifically John Felice General Manager, Ford Lincoln Mercury Marketing. And that’s it for this week on CarCast.

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Video of the Dinan M3

Video of the Drive along with John Felice of Ford

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34 thoughts on “Steve Dinan

  1. Justin

    Adam please stop calling BMW cars Beemers!!!! Beemers are BMW motorcycles, Bimmers are BMW cars. For being an enthusiast and a multiple BMW car owner you should know this. I cringe when people refer to the cars as Beemers, I instantly think they don’t know anything about the cars, you do, please stop being one of the masses. Thanks for the podcast, i enjoy it.

    1. RandomPoster

      guysmiley-What a constructive comment, your contribution to this forum will forever enrich the lives of all you read it. I look forward to what else you have to contribute…….

      1. guysmiley

        Well, RandomPoser, I am back to enlighten you with my contribution. All you’ve done here is to enrich our lives by showing us you’re a pompous douchebag, displaying your great knowledge of douchebaggery.

  2. Too Lazy to Rape

    Sandy, dude please talk less. You interrupted the guest about 12 times, and every time it was in an effort to show us how much you know. Be quiet, listen, learn. Jeeze. Sorry bro, but if it wasn’t for you, I’d be a lot more stoked to listen to this show. At least Donny is funny.. Again, sorry to be a dick but (shrug) you suck.

  3. Master Lee

    It’s simple: Bimmer=Car. Beemer=motorcycle. Bomber=well , that war ended a long time ago. All douchebaggery aside, beemers ARE the nickname for the motorcycles. Any one that has been to any BMW Club event or even knows a tiny bit of the make’s history knows this…and I assume most of you yahoos with BMW-related comments at least own one and may have taken a moment to go to a club event. But I’m probably wrong and you just like to cruise in your ‘beemers’ to pick up Jersey Shore-types. No offense. Cheers.

  4. TrackSol

    Leave it to a BMW podcast for the “Beemer” douchebags to come out of the woodwork.

    To correct Steve Dinan and Adam, they shouldn’t be called roll or sway bars, as their function is to combat roll and sway. Everyone knows a more accurate term is anti-roll / anti-sway bar. Stabilizer bar is also acceptable.

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