VIDEO: The Roq Rig with Banks Powered Engine

March 21, 2015

Jay “Lightning” Tilles and Gale Banks join Matt D’Andria from the CarCast Garage. Well, sort of. Jay’s truck – the ‘Roq Rig’ – was too big to fit through the doors so he takes us outside to showcase his incredibly powerful and detailed truck. Then Gale goes over the amazing engine that he built for it.

CLICK HERE for specs and photo gallery.
LISTEN to the full in-studio CarCast podcast with Matt, Jay, Gale, and Adam Carolla.

Host: Matt D’Andria

Produced, Filmed, and Edited by Chris Laxamana

CarCast Garage:
Shop foreman: Rob O’Connell
Shop mechanic: Tom Pelkey

CarCast is a Carolla Digital Production

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