Nelson Racine Engines F-Bomb Camaro and The Silver Surfer

September 24, 2009

Adam Carolla, Sandy Ganz (The Professor) and Tom Nelson of Nelson Racing Engines (NRE) take a look at 2 bad assed Camaro’s. The First is a 2000hp+ (You read that correct) 1969 Camaro. The powerplant is an NRE twin turbo 572 Big Block Chevy, from it’s custom billet intake and turbo’s. Yes, billet NRE designed turbos! The car rolled in to the CarCast HQ with a bit of rumble, air Conditioning and stereo. The second is Tom’s first super car, the F-Bomb which was built for David Freiburger, Cheif Editor of Hotrod Magazine. While not up to the same Hp as the 1969, the 406 cubes of SBC cranks out a respectable 1540 hp and 1527 lbs of torque. Both are have some trick features and can run on pump gas. Works of engineering art.

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