Josh Allan – AC Propulsion

December 17, 2010

Adam Carolla and the Professor Sandy Ganz bring in AC Propulsion and the Mini-E. AC Propulsion builds the electric car control systems and motor that power the Mini-E, Tesla and other vehicles. We check in with the state of the industry and then Sandy gets a chance to drive the Mini-E. We wrap up with this weeks CarCast tech tool tip, “Wiring and You”. Enjoy the show!

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Show Links

AC Propulsion
Mini-E Site

Wiring Intro and Capacity Calculator and excellent on line tool.

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Episode Videos

Mini-E and Quick Test Drive


Tech Tool Tip – “Wiring and You”


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6 thoughts on “Josh Allan – AC Propulsion

  1. nater

    A profit driven entity(i.e. ANY business) will ALWAYS seek more profit. The very notion of an oil company cutting off their nose to spite their face is beyond rediculus. They will always seek to be the first and most profitable in a business they know best which is not just oil but ENERGY!
    Every one of us with a 401k or mutual fund is banking on them doing it!

  2. Dean from Tucson

    both great episodes especially for beginners,
    i look forward to car cast every week,if you guys ever come to Tucson hit me up we can have a few beers good food and i know a great road trip we could take up mount lemon,
    the farthest place in the U.S you can ski

  3. Matthew

    I would encourage anyone interested in the MINI E to explore, wikipedia,, and the various MINI E blogs maintained by people currently leasing the MINI E from BMW/MINI in the US and Europe.

    The MINI E has been on the road since Mid-2009, and there’s a lot of information to be discovered from these sources that, respectfully, Mr Allan had the opportunity to address but did not for some reason. Also, I’m very interested in his statement that BMW/MINI has no plans to bring the MINI E into production. This is either incorrect, or there’s been a change in BMW’s plans, as 2012 had been widely discussed as a production target, using the data collected from the MINI E leasing program.

  4. matt

    I heard Adam is working on a car show, I believe he will do great. Top Gear America is a big disappointment compared to the UK edition. I hope he turned down top gear america, when it was offered to him. If not, what a bunch of douche bags top gear america producer must be.

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