Jeremy Snyder : Tesla Motors

October 1, 2010

This weeks episode of CarCast with Adam Carolla and the Professor Sandy Ganz bring you a peek at the Tesla 2.5. We have Tesla Motors west coast general manager Jeremy Snyder to talk about the car and the road map for Tesla Motors. Enjoy the show!

For more information on Tesla Motors and the Roadster 2.5 check that out here

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25 thoughts on “Jeremy Snyder : Tesla Motors

  1. Pis Staker

    Why don’t you guys do everything Jay Leno’s Garage does? Better yet, just play Jay’s videos with Adam’s face pasted on Jay’s with a voice over.

    1. Joe

      Are you suggesting that Adam should try to be as unfunny as Leno? I listen for Adam & Sandy’s take on the featured cars, that’s what makes this podcast more entertaining to me than most of the auto programing that I have come across.

  2. Ford Prefect

    The one on Jay Leno’s Garage was orange, so it’s not quite the same thing. So there!

    I think Americans are skeptical of new technologies because they’ve been burned in the past — think of all the Segway owners that were attacked by dogs. We also have a “wait and see” attitude, which is prudent (VHS vs. Betamax, etc.). The goal is to be leading edge, not bleeding edge.

    Wished you asked him more about battery technologies, specifically flow batteries.

  3. David

    Here’s a related company that would be interesting to have on the show:

    Better Place, based in L.A., is a company creating the national infrastructure to support electric cars. That is, a network of service stations analogous to gas stations, where EV drivers could pull in, do a quick charge, or swap out their batteries with fully-charged ones. The network would eliminate the concern about EV’s range.

  4. Ellis

    Another great CarCast, guys!
    (for reasons I’ve ststed before)
    Off topic observation.
    Only Ganz and Roddy Piper are cool enough to sport a Hot Rod t-shirt like that.

  5. GtRomero

    Adam have to get one of these! this is the future, we will be glad to hear adam experiences when the electric cars are available for all of us

  6. Dean Trombetta

    Adam sounded strangely like Larry King on this episode. Completely unprepared.

    The Prius is not an electric vehicle. There is no range associated with it. The Volt is not a hybrid. It is an electric vehicle with range extending generator. The Tesla roadster is a full electric (no range extender).

    Tesla has made money by selling zero emission vehicle credits to other auto makers in California ($5,000 per vehicle). Once this disappears, they are going to have a rough time surviving.

    There is extremely little demand for any of these electric vehicles. Without government mandates and subsidies, the industry would collapse. The market has not decided that this is the best way to reduce fuel usage, the government has. Frankly the market has not determined that they want to reduce fuel usage at all. People still want to buy trucks.

    1. Dean Trombetta

      I now have to retract the information that I listed above.

      Based on information that has been revealed today, it turns out the Volt is a plug-in hybrid and not an electric vehicle. GM was telling a little bit of a fib here and they got busted today.

      The gasoline engine, as it turns out, is not a range extender, but actually will drive the wheels directly under some circumstances.

  7. John Hails

    I would like to know how long the batteries in these vehicles will last before they require replacement and how much will such a replacements cost? Rechargeable batteries degrade over time which reduces their total charge capability. This means the electric cars range will decrease each year.

    Also. What are these cars like in cold climates? I live in Canada and our winters can be brutal on batteries and what effect will running the cars interior heater and or air conditioner have on the range of the vehicle? It can get pretty damn hot in Southern California and people have grown accustomed to having air con.

    Conversly I have driven vehicles in Canada that had poor heaters in them and it can be extremely uncomfortable not to mention dangerous as you need plenty of heat to keep the frost off the wind shield.
    Its a great looking car and I wish Tesla all the best but I think these are significant issues that rarely get mentioned.

    Thanks for another great show.
    Adam, Sandy you guys rock

    John (love my 15 year old 4X4 Toyota Tacoma to death cause it gets me and my tools where I need to be any time of the year no matter how much snow is on the ground)

  8. DanSel

    A few things:

    a) Yes, AceMan get one. I want to hear a real first hand account of someone owning one day in and day out.
    b) I’d enjoy it since you’ve often complained about the fit and finish and what you get for the money with a Tesla. Want to see you justify it.
    c) The cockpit looks a bit tight for a 6’2″ 200lb guy. I think you’ll be sick of wedging yourself in it day in and day out. Should give you something more to bitch about, especially getting in and out with the top in place.
    d) I look forward to the segment of you swapping out those fucking ugly wannabe Altezza ‘clear’ tail lights. I hate that shit. God damn ugly.

    1. CarCast Post author

      Some consumer group was trying to bring that up, but likely less then your high frequency radiating phone. I think that will be some testing in the future, but I would say we have more dangerous things going on in the car then the EMF generated by the motor which is likely shielded pretty well. Will have a new rating on the windshield for electrics cars if it is …


  9. A Car Guy

    A sports car with one gear that doesn’t make any sports car noise and takes 3.5 hours to “fill up” starting at $75K ? I couldn’t possibly be any less interested.

    1. CarCast Post author

      I have some of the same feelings, I think one of the things that it’s missing is the visceral aspect of a sports car (sound, engine vibrations, etc). Sterile almost. It’s a fast and innovative car to be sure, but it’s still missing something that you get in a gas powered car.

      In thinking about some of the car races I have been too and imagined if everything was the same except cars were electric powered would be so much less interesting. Now for more common transportation, all for the electrics.


      1. Jayson Lepper

        I’m pretty sure that anyone buying this car will feel like killing themselves, when in 5 years the technology will be considered ancient and your left with a $75k lump of plastic that no one wants. The car is impractical, emotionless and when you look really close at them, are very cheap looking.

        Electric powered cars are going to be ineffective for the next 10-20years at best. It is being pushed by the neo-nazi tree huggers and the wankers that live their lives spewing politically correct germs onto everything in our lives. Please never infect this great show with this GREEN propaganda again.

    1. CarCast Post author

      Video is getting better and as more episodes they will go up with in HD. Some test are up also on YouTube but the fact of the matter any time we have moved up the resolution people have issues with bandwidth. It’s slow going but coming.


  10. Miguel

    I love the hood, gets the air it needs without robbing aerodinamics, and it looks mean! BTW the Tesla looks a lot like a Honda 2000.

  11. Paul S.

    Nice show. I would have liked to have the car designed for California or at least see the person representing the car and driving it publicly follow applicable California vehicle laws. Yes, it’s the oft mentioned (especially if you own an Elise), missing front license plate.

    I understand Adam with his BMW, and others not putting the plate on and just going for the fine if ticketed. It’s an individual decision. It just seems to me though, that if somebody were marketing and representing the car, the person ought to follow applicable state laws regarding what’s required.

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