Jeffrey Malinovitz

April 29, 2011

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Adam Carolla and the Professor Sandy Ganz sit back with Jeff Torres, the long time Director of the Solvang Datsun Roadster Classic. In this episode we are all over the road, from the New York Auto show, Donny’s Bronco, and yes, even a couple of minutes of Datsun Roadster chatter. Jeff brings in his Modified 1600 Datsun Roadster that we check out in the CarCast well… parking lot.

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2011 Solvang Datsun Roadster Classic Car show. Saturday April 30 2011, the 24th Annual Solvang Datsun Roadster Classic in beautiful downtown Solvang CA.


Jeffrey Malinovitz – Datsun 1600 Roadster


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21 thoughts on “Jeffrey Malinovitz

  1. carcrazyguy

    Just saw today’s edition of Car Crazy about an hour after listening to the podcast. They covered the 2010 Z car convention, and coincidentally, covered a 2000 Roadster for about 3 minutes. In reality, it’s not that big of a shock since I’ve seen this guy and his car at all of the regional Z shows…but never spoke to him.

    After seeing the show, I am kicking myself for not going to the convention, especially since this may be the only year where they actually do it at Nissan. But since there are so many major Z shows in this area, you have to pick and choose between the half dozen major yearly shows in this area. And since I had already volunteered to work at ZDAYZ, I did not do both.

    Actually I would have probably made it to the convention had I known for sure that Adam would be there. For that matter, I was surprised he didn’t go since his Paul Newman cars were there, not to mention being the largest collection of vintage Datsun / Nissan in history…and may never be duplicated since the convention may not come back to Nashville again.

    Maybe “we” can talk him into making a appearance at ZDAYZ this year however. I will gladly let him run a few passes on the Dragon in my G35! If nothing else maybe he could show up for Z Nationals in ATL or the national convention this year at Savanna. For that matter, I would be glad to suggest our ZCCA club funding his trip to any of these. But then again, our $22 / year dues probably won’t cover that, lol. Heck, it barely covers our complementary subscription to Nissan Sport magazine.

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