Hollywood Electrics

February 11, 2011

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Show Summary

Adam Carolla and the Professor Sandy Ganz sit down with Harlan Flagg owner of Hollywood Electrics. And that means it Electric Motorcycle time. We have had electric vehicles featured on CarCast before, but this is a first look at the Electric Motorcycles. Then on to the Featured Car of the Week which is a 1948 Ford F1. This beautiful truck is owned by none other then Donny’s (“The Weez”) Father.

Episode Links

Hollywood Electrics, L.A.’s First Electric Motorcycle Dealership

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Episode Video

Hollywood Electrics Motorcycles


Featured Truck – Stan Misraje’s 1948 Ford F1


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15 thoughts on “Hollywood Electrics

  1. big jim

    So if Stan is the father of the Weez, and the Weez is the cousin of Sandy…does that make it Uncle Stan for you, Sandy?
    My mind is spinning over the family dynamic at work here.

  2. jcatjake

    Way cool but those things need to make more noise. An acquaintance of mine built a sweet electric 70’s Yamaha dt125. He died after he was hit by another silent but deadly prius. Sad but true. Oh sweet irony! thanks bald brian…

  3. Deano

    Hey Sandy, let Stan know that he need to tune that radio for better reception,
    all he needs is a small flat blade screwdriver and find the weakest signal and then turn the tuning screw .
    Those old radios usually had great reception.

    1. CarCast Post author

      Thanks Deano –

      What you are saying in reality is – Hey Sandy, when you are adjusting the reception on Stan’s radio all you need it a small screwdriver 😉 I’ll take a look at it, it’s a cool truck and drives really nice.


  4. joe

    Carolla! You look like you just robbed a 7/11. For someone who holds everyone to something, you should at least be on camera in something other than “perpetrator”

  5. Ray

    You guys should look at booking Chip Yates @ Swigz Racing or Michael Czysz from Motoczysz. They are both electric racing guys doing really cool projects. Yates is developing a bike that he has raced against gas bikes. His goal is to make it as fast as a 600cc race bike (like supersport). Motoczysz won the first electric Isle of Mann TT last year. Ace would love the bike, it’s a beautiful design.


  6. Gary Lompa

    Hi Adam,

    I noticed a Mini Cooper in your driveway when
    you were pulling out into the street on the electric
    bike. Did you end up buying one after you
    got rid of your Audi? If not what did you get?
    You mentioned perhaps getting a BMW M coupe? Also,
    I recently purchased a 1995 M3 as a second car.
    I know you had one back in the day and was
    wondering how you liked it?

    Thanks for the great podcasts, and when are
    you coming back to the Tempe Improv?

    Gary in Phoenix

    1. Greg

      It’s Donny’s, I’m trying to push for the Mini GP, please express your approval in any way possible, this forum, e-mail, take out an ad, or hire an airplane with a banner, Carolla and the Mini GP are meant for each other.


      Carry on.


    2. CarCast Post author

      That was actually Donny driving the Mini Cooper (Adam’s old one). I don’t think Adam has settled on a car yet, he is rolling in the Jag the last few times I have been at the shop late.


      1. shawn

        Sandy you won’t appreciate this, but Adam probably will…it appears as if the Ferrari FF has out “groovy-ghoulied” BMW’s little M coupe in the “shooting-brake” design contest.

        1. CarCast Post author

          I did enjoy it, and it further reinforces my dislike for the “groovy-ghoulied” style, just odd looking. I am hearing the theme song for the Munsters TV show in my head again, but this time in Italian…


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