July 23, 2010

Jack Duha’s brings in his CAV GT40 for a peek. This is a replica of the famous Ford GT40 that won numerous international racing events including Le Mans several times. Ace, the Professor, and Jack take a look around and fire up this stylish 60’s vintage race car.

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21 thoughts on “CAV GT40

  1. Rrrrr

    Adam needs to take these car interviews out for a drive on the freeway with the guest. Adam not being asked to drive the car is insulting to adam and his fans.

    1. CarCast Post author

      Hmm, an insult to the guests and Adam? Take it easy. I got a ride in the car, and I think Adam did too, we just didn’t have a camera mounted in the car. Maybe on the next round of Featured cars we might stuff a few with a recorder and camera. Maybe.


    1. captain ham

      can’t agree more–the people that turned adam down for the american top gear show have their heads up their asses. i’ve been saying for a while adam and sandy need their own tv show. it would blow those other lame car shows out of the water. keep up the good work guys, it’ll happen one day and i’ll be there to watch every episode.

  2. Peter

    Wanted very much to watch this piece but Motorator is not running on all cylinders (again) – any chance you could throw this up on youtube or something else instead?

    1. CarCast Post author

      Peter are you still having issues with the video. I have played it when released and a couple of times and have not seen anything.


      1. Peter

        Thanks – seems back on track – apologies if this is just a local connection issue – wonder if others have had this problem?

        1. CarCast Post author

          Have not had any email or other comments. But if you do have any issues please let me know and I’ll make sure the Motorator guys are on it. They are good about a fast turn around on any problems we have had.


  3. Tim Nothhelfer

    Imagine a highly desirable vintage car like this built with only a reasonable amount of power and practicality in mind. And by the time this thing changes hands in another generation or two might be surprised at how many miles that got put on the car, until they drive it and have to work on it…….very nice.

  4. Jack Duha

    Hi Everybody,

    I failed to mention the help I got from Cory Gehling at “Collector’s Choice” in Dane, Wisconsin for preparing the -2 ZF gearbox and Lloyd Butfoy at “RBT” transmissions in Southern California for the special GT40 parts needed to fit it into my car.


    1. Mike

      Beautiful car Jack! I love that you drive it and made sure it would be reliable and comfortable. I also agree about the choice of carbs, Holleys are plentiful and easy to work on; webers are not so much. I think it would be cool if you added some numbers (vinyls maybe?). And what brand and type tires do you run? I am having a hard time finding ones I like for my ’71 stingray (also 15 inch rim); the ones on your car look awesome..

      1. Jack Duha

        Hi Mike,
        Thanks for the compliments!
        The tires on the car are Dunlop “GT Qualifiers”
        295/50 r15 rear
        225/50 r15 front
        I don’t know if they are still available but you could call around.


  5. JD

    Yeah. Sonny’s gonna raise his hand the first day of school and say, “I need to go to the fuckin’ bathroom.”

    1. CarCast Post author

      Sure, just don’t have a passenger :). It’s pretty much a 2 seat car with not much room for anything else. Really just a race car, But people have figured out ways to carry stuff. Just need to be creative.


  6. Robert Sackett

    Lov your ride and the color. Is that a CAV steering wheel? Was that Gurney bubble factory installed or added later? I’m in the process of purchasing a 2009 CAV. Are those the factory position for the rear view mirrors? What thoughts or advice do you have, if any?

    Cheers, Robert

    1. Jack Duha

      Hi Robert,

      The steering wheel is from Motolita. They were a period supplier back in the day and still make these classic steering wheels. I believe the type I have is the one which was fitted to the competition Gulf team cars.
      I actually sculpted the “Gurney Bubble” for my car in clay and laid up the one on my car in fiberglass. I made it as big as possible for the area I had to work with taking in consideration the structure of the inner door. Modern helmets are quite large (thick). The bonus is driving the car without a helmet…headroom!
      The side view mirrors are probably not in the best positions, but look right (Good). Go with the convex mirror faces to give you the most help seeing whats comming up next to you. These are actually the larger of two sizes available and I can’t help but think of them as a pair of “Boobs” on the car. : ))
      After some research, I put a period “Lucas” rear view mirror inside the car. It actually works quite well. I believe these were the same ones used on other “British” makes like E-type Jaguars.
      I also have small rectangular convex mirrors on the inner door sill at the base of the windshield pillar inside the car which give me a good view of whats right next to the car.
      Have fun with your car! It’s an awesome experience!


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