Bonspeed with Michael Anthony and Brad Fanshaw

June 17, 2011

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Show Summary

Adam Carolla and Sandy Ganz have special guest Michael Anthony and Brad Fanshaw of Bonspeed in the studio. They chat a bit about Van Halen, Chickenfoot, and Hot Sauce, and more Hot Sauce. At some point they steer it back to cars! Michael and Brad head up Bonspeed who supplies custom wheels, apparel and other great products. Michael brings us his Ford GT and Brad shows up in the Bonspeed 1971 El Camino. Both done up with some great looking rims!

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Main Bonspeed Site at
Bonspeed Wheels
And for some Mad Anthony Hot sauce (We love the Mustard!) hit this


Michael Anthony and Bonspeed Cars


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15 thoughts on “Bonspeed with Michael Anthony and Brad Fanshaw

    1. Sammy K

      ….but not in wheels. I like the cars, but the large, blinged-out wheels don’t look good in my opinion.

      BTW, I love the show!

      1. Mr Walker

        Too true – chrome wheels were done years ago.
        Adam or Sandy wouldn’t make this mistake…

        1. Aristotlet

          I thought the same thing the car is ruined with those wheels. Other than that its a great car. You won’t see that coming out of Detroit ever again.


  1. Charles

    Michael Anthony needs to stop being so nice about Van Halen. If he can be let out of he band so easily why did they use his backing vocals on the tour. Like all other band reunions without the whole original lineup. If you change a drummer or bass player, well, that’s just about it for a band. Few exceptions to this rule apply. Even my beloved WHO just are not the same. A good band still yes, but I doubt we will hear hear such bass driven songs such as sparks or amazing journey live again in their original form. Not to mention 5:15 or others. I am just left with fond memories and you tube clips of unchained, so this is love, ice cream man, and dance the night away. All songs that need the Michael Anthony bass style and more importantly the backing vocals. I will say this. I would see the F Eddie tour way before a Van Halen concert less Michael. No slight intended to Sammy Hagar.

    I feel I should say something about rims. Some cars just need a little more tire with a nice straight sidewall. Would you put a say lower series bulged out sidewall on say a Daytona? Italians would fall upon their Swords. Assuming they have swords in Italgoslavia or where ever they are from. Where ever it is they don’t teach proper electrical wiring. At either rate I miss the nice straight sidewalls with just a hint of tread visible on the side. Leave the wrap around for the Z rating, or the nubby rock crawler Big O specials or something. I was actually glad to see when Voxhaul, or Holden, or whoever sold Chevrolet the current Camaro they came stock with the simple black rim. Its a clean look that takes the douche level down a notch. Now if I can only stop thinking that I am looking at a Holden UTE with a backseat.

    The Vega and My father.Or should I say the Manza. In short. My dad sold my Moms 69 442 in 74. Wanted to go get a Vega. This was in the honest car salesmen days of the mid 70’s where everybody was looking out for you. Bassically got convinced that a bone stock up scale version, yes the magical mystical Manza was just as fun of a car to drive. That oil hungry 78 horse power crap monster that beat a path through the heart of America on a direct crash course to the scrap yard. I can hear the sales pitch now. This new aluminum un sleeved block will last for years of trouble free driving! Mom still will not let him forget that he basically traded her Olds for a Manza

  2. CanadaGuy

    Michael Anthony loves the Ace Man!

    Most guests are kind of straight and dont know what to make of Adam…. Michael laughed his ass off at every joke! LOL

    Seems like a good guy. Great show.

  3. Peter E.

    I absolutely love this show. I wish Adam would stop dissing Harleys for being loud, when he himself loves the loud sound of a race car. Come on Adam. Lighten up a bit. The loud sound always brought gear heads together. Also those loud pipes usually mean a group of riders that come together for charity events! They raise a lot of money you know. I know you can complain about something better than this.
    I hate the loud bass boom box music in cars whey more than the passing motorcycle.

  4. Nick A.

    Loved the podcast. Michael Anthony was hilarious as he repeatedly broke up at Adam’s rants! Having gtown up in Altadena…where the Van Halens were also residents, my older siblings and I used to fight over the VH eight-tracks that we owned because we actually felt like part of their success. It’s so awesome to hear about Chickenfoot with Sammy and Michael rocking together! I checked out a couple of their videos on Michael’s website and saw many of his cars that were filmed throughout. Great guest, great podcast! Keep going Aceman!

  5. Mike Piazza

    Just got done ordering through Amazon banner click three Bosh Laser tapes, $50 air filters for my HVAC, not to mention earlier purchases of Adam’s book, a Makita drill, new video card, a lap top, and some excellent dry rub for my man grate BB-Q. How’s that for supporting the cause?

    1. CarCast Post author

      That is support. Thank you very much for supporting the show!

      P.S. Adam would say the same if he read these comments 😉

  6. Tony


    “The Car Show with Adam Carolla” series premier July 13th on SPEED Channel. Spread the word.

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