41 thoughts on “Adam’s BMW M3 E46

  1. Rhett

    I like it when Adam starts up the cars so we could hear them. Tossin a few revs should be standard on these segments.

  2. mym3isbetter

    Gay this? Gay that? Saying the model of the car wrong? Its an e46 dude! You call yourself an enthusiast and you don’t have a clue what you have? Put 7 series wheels on your e46? LOL ugly. Your new wheels are pretty cheesy and cheap man Adam. Cloth inserts and no moonroof don’t make you smarter then every one else. This video is just proof that having money won’t buy you any sense of taste. Stick to beer and titty girls, leave the cars alone. You don’t belong and it shows, no wonder there’s no US Top Gear. No one would watch you on prime time television if that’s how you’re going to present yourself and talk about cars. Newsflash OSH, you didn’t invent the intake manifold! There are many companies that have been boosting M’s for years.

    A CLASSY car for a CLASSLESS man.

    1. Dave

      I think you have the little case of hater gator in you. I think Adam does know about cars and he doesn’t buy cars without knowing something about it and his comedy is part of his charm. He’s just a regular guy who likes cars. Him not wanting sunroof and choosing cloth inserts shows he cares about the performance of the cars and he never said he was smarter than everyone. I actually think Top Gear US needs Adam because he’s close to Clarkson. If you really pay attention to UK Top Gear, Hammond is sort of the everyman (he likes American muscle cars, burgers and fries and he often refers to himself as a pike (google that term if you don’t know what that means) and Clarkson is often refereed to as a unsophisticated man, he’s not what you call a snobbish man. Try to think before you let your jealousy out.

  3. tuckermax

    I couldn’t watch more than 2 minutes of this crap. Adam – you’re a funny guy and I like you in non-car related shit, but come on, you’re calling the SMG a tiptronic in the first minute and pointing out the “laundry hamper” hood vent – with your lame homemade plate? If all you know about the car is how much you spent on it, just do a vid of a burnout

  4. JustSomeDude

    Is it possible to download these videos? I want to watch it on my t.v..Firefox Download helper doesn’t work on these.

  5. Brad

    Wow. From the replies, the BMW snobs are out in full force!

    Keep doing what you are doing Adam. I’m watching/listening and loving all of it. One note though…don’t let Sandy do the show on his own. I just end up skipping those ones. Not good.

  6. Todd

    Very sweet car. Sometimes I wonder about Adams car choices but cars like this and his Miura are sweet. This car stock had about 333 bhp and now it has over 500. Thats fantastic. This thing must really fly. It must be a $150,000 car.

  7. Ray

    Just bought a used e46 m3 with 70k on the clock, i would love nothing more then to be able to see the car cast video on adam’s supercharged e46 or atleast be able to hear the podcast on it. Thanks guys, loyal listeners of all three shows. Nice podcast on the model s btw, i think ill be getting one when i get a little older and need a sedan, oh and when the price comes down a bit. Cheers! (sipping on my very first bitterman btw (made with my last bottle of mangria and bullit rye whiskey, no maple))

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