1984 Lamborghini Countach S

December 3, 2009

We take a peek a Amgad’s Lamborghini Contach. He has already begun the transformation in removing some of the antiquated injection and replacing it with equally antiquated but better performing Weber side drafts.

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35 thoughts on “1984 Lamborghini Countach S

  1. Bryan

    Great show.

    I wish you would post still photos so I could check out the Webbers and all that funky linkage on my iPhone.

    Keep that bag in the wheel


  2. CarCast Post author

    Next time we get the car at the shop will get some pics. Just get a phone that allows flash to be played…I have an iPhone too pain and a fail for the iPhone IMO.


    1. Luis Beltran

      Hi, funny thing I also have a FI 1984 Countach, and would love to compare notes with Mr. Amgad. For example, how did he change the stance of the car? Normally the front end seems higher in the Non European Contachs, did he make any changes to the suspension? Thanks!

  3. Amir

    I remember when that car was sitting at Franco’s, I don’t think my balls had dropped back when I first saw it…and I’m 25 now. I even think I have some pictures on an old harddrive that I took with my first digital camera before they rolled it off onto the side of the yard. I’m glad someone got it out and gave it some love. Amgad seems like cool people and he’s got the chops to go along with the ride.

  4. Khal

    What a horrible car. What a cool car.
    That is the car of the 80s. I was a mere lad in the 80s but my god I loved this car.
    They are in truth terrible, spent some time in one, but they still to this day will draw more stares than any other car ever produced.
    Love it.

  5. Lamborghini

    This is awesome. I am so excited that there are a bunch of other Lambo enthusiasts out there! When I first started out in the auto industry I didn’t have much money so I stuck with buying used BMW’s such as the M3. However, once I started earning bigtime I switched to Lamborghini and I haven’t looked back! I can’t wait for the Lamborghini Estoque and its confirmation for 2011 production!

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