Zero-DS and Brammo Enertia

February 11, 2011

Harlan Flagg brings in a couple of electric motorcycles, the Zero-DS and the Brammo Enertia. Harlan is the owner of Hollywood Electrics, Los Angeles first electric motorcycle dealer. We take a look at a couple premier electric motorcycles and talk a bit about maintenance and cost. Then Adam takes a quick ride around the block looking for a nearby liquor store to rob.

You can find more information about these bikes at Hollywood Electrics, L.A.’s First Electric Motorcycle Dealership

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4 thoughts on “Zero-DS and Brammo Enertia

  1. Larry

    Hey Aceman, count the words these guys said in the first half hour of the show…less than ten i suspect…I forgot these guys were even on the show after a while because you dominate the conversation so much…shut the fuck up once and a while eh

  2. chu

    nice … cool that adam got to test drive them…. he should do it more often on this podcast.. test drive the guests cars/bikes…

  3. Marco

    As an avid motorcyclist I feel the jury is still out on electric bikes. I love the potential of these things, but the fact that they are SILENT makes them scary. Cars and pedestrians already have a hard time seeing motorcyclists, and if you take away the one thing we’ve got on our side (exhaust and engine noise) then, essentially, we become invisible. I’m not advocating ridiculously loud open exhausts (see: Harley and metric cruisers), but I subscribe to the mantra of “Loud Pipes Save Lives”; on more than one occasion my Arrow exhaust note and dry clutch “rattle” have gotten my Ducatis and I out of a jam. All that said, however, I am a HUGE proponent of electric motorcycles for the racetrack, and I think that the technology could be fun to watch as it develops.

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