Tommy Kendall and The 707 HP SRT Hellcat!

September 13, 2014

Driver and race commentator Tommy Kendall comes in for an interesting discussion on racing, working in sports TV and how to get fired. Then we take a look at the amazing new supercharged SRT Hellcat. TK even takes it for a little spin. And we do mean spin.

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Producer: Jeff Fox
Audio Engineer: Chris Laxamana


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4 thoughts on “Tommy Kendall and The 707 HP SRT Hellcat!

  1. Nick


    From the video it sounded like if you were to buy one you might get the paddle shifting auto instead of the 6 speed due to the heavy clutch and wide pedal placement. As a fellow manual transmission guy I also actually have to consider the auto in this thing as well. I hear nothing but great things about the 8 speed. It’s geared more aggressively and all the great quarter mile and 0-60 numbers were tested with the auto. But I also understand that numbers aren’t everything and it would be hard to pass on the stick.

    Honestly, it’s a tough choice. Matt, if you had to choose would you go 6 speed or paddles?


  2. JoeFromAustin

    Matt, you’re doing a great job as host. I actually may agree with you about Mustangs for the very first time. I do think if they were part of the Newman history, they should be included in his story. Sorry Matt, not a fan Fox body Mustangs. Just ain’t. Do hope you have fun with yours. Adam, give this man a raise!

    Love the show. Keep it up.

  3. Barry Soetorro

    It’s a hell of a cat and already a legend. Someone said that a dyno test revealed 717 at the wheels. What octane fuel is needed?

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